Rating Scale Detail

1 = Does Not Meet Expectations

  • employee did not consistently meet the job standards
  • performance needs improvement in areas of consistent weakness
  • employee requires close supervision to meet expectations
  • if employee fails to improve, corrective action may be recommended

2 = Meets Expectations

  • employee consistently met the job standards
  • results were timely and accurate and were produced with minimum supervision
  • employee recognized and adjusted well to changes in work situations and assignments
  • solid, good performance was the employee's norm

3 = Occasionally Exceeds Expectations

  • employee periodically exceeded the job standards
  • employee achieved results above expectations
  • employee showed exceptional performance and effort from time to time
  • performance is sustained and uniformly high with thorough and on time results

 4 = Consistently Exceeds Expectations

  • employee clearly and consistently exceeded the job standards
  • exceptional performance and effort was the employee's norm
  • employee achieved results well beyond expectations
  • employee contributed unique, innovative and workable solutions to projects and/or problems