In 2020 The University of Kentucky Police Department created a Special Victims Unit which consists of a Special Victims Unit Lieutenant, Detective, and Victims Advocate. These dedicated professionals help victims of interpersonal violence navigate through the criminal justice system with respect and integrity.

The mission of the Special Victims Unit is to provide compassionate support services to survivors of interpersonal violence while removing barriers of reporting. We are committed to holding offenders accountable within the criminal justice system by maintaining quality police services with timely, thorough, and trauma-informed investigative techniques.

Main Functions of Special Victims Unit




Members of the Special Victims Unit participate in community outreach programs to help with prevention, provide self-defense training and reduce barriers to reporting.

Special Victims Unit members undergo specific training to provide a trauma-informed approach, minimize re-victimization, and treating survivors with compassion and respect.

SVU conducts thorough investigations of interpersonal violence incidents and helps guide survivors throughout the process and connect survivors to a variety of resources.