Work Order

Work Order

Click on the button below to open the Facilities Work Request form in a new browser tab.




Form Instructions and Help Information


Here is a brief description of what to expect when completing this form.

Once you click the button above, the Facilities Work Request Form will open in a new browser tab.


Step 1: 

You may need to login using your LinkBlue credentials.


Step 2:

Once logged in, you will be greeted with this instructions page. Please click on the "Work Request Form" link


Step 3:

On the form, fill out information about your request including the Building, Floor and Room Number. If available, you may also need to enter the Cost Object (or Account) Number. 


Step 4: 

On the form, Contact Information can be entered manually, if different from the person filling out the form. If contact information is same as requestor information, you can click the (>>) button to copy it to Contact Information fields:



Step 5:

Fill out the rest of the form, attach any files if needed and Submit the form.



Thank you for contacting us.

With this streamlined form, your requests are now submitted directly to the University's SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) system which will allow for quicker response and more efficient service requests.