Work Order

Work Order


The Work Order request form has moved to the University's SAP portal and is now part of the University's Enterprise Systems platform. Please use the following link to login to the portal and request work.

SAP Portal: 

Full instructions on how to navigate to the link are as follows:

Step 1:

Login to the University's portal. (

Step 2:

On the portal page pick the Enterprise Services tab.

Step 3:

On the Enterprise Services tab pick the Facilities Management menu.

Step 4:

On the Facilities Management page pick "Work Request Form"

Step 5:

Fill out the work request form. Enter Contact Information (required), Work Request Information (required), Work Location (required) and any Additional Information if needed (optional). Note: The Requestor Information will be automatically filled out from your login information.

Note: You can use the >> button to automatically copy the Requestor Information to the Contact Information (when the requestor is the contact for the work request). Work information emails are sent to both email addresses.

Step 6:

Once the form has been filled out, pick the submit button.

Thank you for contacting us.

With this improved portal system, your requests are now submitted directly into the University's SAP PM system which will allow for quicker response and more efficient service requests.