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Deb Castiglione, EdD, ATP
Universal Design & Instructional Technology Specialist
Center for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching (CELT)
518M King Science Library



Workshops on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are offered through CELT. Visit their events calendar for workshops.



Universal Design, Accessibility, & Captioning (available to the University of Kentucky community)


Canvas Tools

The Universal Design, Accessibility, & Captioning module is available for download into Canvas in the Universal Design group of the University of Kentucky Canvas Commons by searching for Universal Design, Accessibility, & Captioning.

A universally designed and accessible Canvas module template is available for download in the Universal Design group of the University of Kentucky Canvas Commons by searching for UDL Template.



Beyond Curb Cuts: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Inclusion in the Classroom (uncaptioned)



Roger Brown & UDL

Submit a description of how you are using UDL in your courses through Contact Us and appear here.



Universal Design, Usability, and Accessibility

A Case for Accessible, Usable and Universal Design for Learning

UDL: A Systematic Approach to Supporting Diverse Learners

Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education Reflections on Principles and their Application



Empirical evidence using UDL in higher education.


Social Media

Twitter @udl4uk




UDL on Campus

National Center on Universal Design for Learning

Postsecondary Education and UDL

UDL Guidelines Graphic Organizer

UDL Guidelines

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology (DO-IT), University of Washington: Applications of Universal Design
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