Netiquette Guidelines

NETIQUETTE refers to how we conduct ourselves online.


Like a traditional classroom, online courses are based on the premise that students learn best in a community. Just as all University of Kentucky students are expected to adhere to the Code of Student Conduct, the etiquette expected of students while participating in online discussions and activities is the same as that expected of students in a traditional classroom.

Below are some netiquette expectations to guide online behavior:

In General

  • Show empathy
  • Be professional
  • Actively participate
  • Avoid acting impulsively
  • Adhere to civil discourse
  • Avoid typing in ALL CAPS!
  • Respect diversity of thought/opinion
  • Strive for clarity, brevity, and accuracy
  • Use appropriate language and grammar
  • Be friendly, positive, and self-reflective
  • Respect other’s time by staying on topic, providing useful dialogue, etc.
  • Avoid sarcasm as tone is hard to detect in the written language and can be taken seriously or offensively

In Synchronous Class Meetings

  • Be on time
  • Avoid multitasking during class time
  • Minimize environmental distractions and background noise such as telephones, roommates, children, pets, television, radio, side conversations, eating, drinking, smoking, etc.


Download the handout.