Technology is an integral part of online learning. Since a majority, if not all, course work and interactions will occur in the online environment, distance learning students should have access to essential technology that performs reliably and be comfortable using that technology. This page shares information about technology requirements, tools, and help information for your online technology needs. If you need assistance beyond the information provided in this section, the Distance Learning staff are happy to assist you or direct you to the appropriate resource.


Technical Requirements

The University of Kentucky strongly recommends that all students purchase a personal computer. See Student Hardware & Software Guidelines to review minimum recommendations and guidelines for your computer and to consider hardware, software, and Internet connections used by distance learning courses.

If you have any questions or need assistance with supported student technology needs, contact ITS Customer Services.


Technology Policies

The University of Kentucky has written policies to govern the use of technology and protect student privacy. Technology policies pertaining to students may be viewed in the UK Information Security Policy and the Code of Student Conduct. In particular, these policies prohibt the sharing or misuse of passwords and establish disciplinary consequences for violations.


Learning Technologies

A variety of tools and information are available to support distance learning students in the online classroom. To enhance your distance learning experience, explore the links below to learn more about the most common technologies that you will use during your coursework.

Please Note: Your instructor may choose to use course specific technologies as well. If so, instructions will be provided in your syllabus or course.​


ITS Customer Services

ITS Customer Services provides assistance for supported student technology needs at the University of Kentucky. Contact ITS Customer Services with questions, to review self-help topics, or to request additional assistance.