Photo of 3 images pertaining to WUKY: 1) the McVey Building where the station is located; 2) the station logo with the words WUKY on top of the workds NPR ROCKS @ 91.3, and 3) a student sitting with a headset on in front of a studio microphone

WUKY enlightens, inspires, and entertains its audience through the creation and presentation of the highest quality non-commercial radio programming. Through our comprehensive, unbiased news coverage, unique musical offerings, and community partnerships, WUKY fosters civic development, celebrates our cultural diversity and advances the mission of the University of Kentucky.

WUKY was the first university-owned FM radio station in America and Kentucky's first public radio station. WUKY helped create National Public Radio and was one of the first stations to carry NPR's "All Things Considered" when it debuted in 1971. The station is licensed to the University of Kentucky and serves the Lexington and central Kentucky area with 100,000 watts. In early 2007, WUKY became the first Lexington radio station to broadcast in HD - high definition digital radio. 

Tom Godell
General Manager for WUKY


Link: wuky.org