Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities consists of five parts‚ each of which are briefly described below.

Part I. The Code of Student Conduct  
Part I The Code of Student Conduct states the rules‚ procedures‚ rights and responsibilities governing non–academic relationships between the University and students enrolled at the University. This section defines prohibited behavior and specifies the procedural due process to which students and organizations are entitled in the disciplinary process. This section also specifies the sanctions that can be imposed when a student or an organization is found responsible for a violation.

Part II. Selected Rules of the University Senate Governing Academic Relationships
Part II contains the rules‚ procedures‚ rights and responsibilities that govern academic relationships between the University and a student enrolled at the University. Academic offenses are adjudicated by instructors‚ department heads and college deans in the involved academic unit.

Section IV - Rules Relating to Admission to the UniversitySection V - Rules Relating to Attending the University, and Section VI - Student Academic Affairs are the most frequently applicable to students.

Part III. Regulations Governing Time‚ Place‚ and Manner of Meetings‚ Demonstrations‚ and Other Assemblies
Part III is the University’s Administrative Regulation II–8.3.4. This regulation describes the time‚ place and manner in which planned or spontaneous demonstrations‚ meetings or assemblies may conducted in specified areas of campus. Spaces that can be reserved‚ prohibited locations‚ and open areas are also listed.

Part IV. The University of Kentucky Alcohol Policy
Part IV The University alcohol policy states that alcohol use by students and student organizations is prohibited on campus with the exception of a few specified facilities.

Part V. Student Records
Part V defines the student records maintained by the University and describes student rights regarding their records.