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Utilities and Energy Management


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What We Do


  • Provide maintenance and operations to 3 substations (69kV to 12kV)
  • Provide maintenance and operations to 60 breakers in all 3 substations
  • Provide maintenance and operations to 5 12kV automatic switch gear
  • Maintain 150 manholes, 95 underground 12kV switches, and all building transformer and high voltage switches
  • Maintain miles of interconnected wire that supports the campus

Steam/Chilled Water

  • Provide maintenance and operations to 3 heating and 4 cooling plants
  • Provide maintenance and operations to 100 steam and 50 chilled water manholes and pits
  • Provide high pressure steam to heat buildings and support research equipment
  • Provide chilled water to cool buildings
  • Heating plants can produce up to 410,000 pounds of steam an hour
  • Cooling plants can produce up to 38,000 tons of cooling an hour
  • Two 5,000 ton chillers at Cooling Plant 2 have the largest motors in the city of Lexington

Building Operation

  • Provide routine and preventative maintenance practices daily
  • Provide first response to buildings and customer emergencies
  • Provide 24 hour/365 day coverage for assigned buildings and Auxiliary Services facilities on 3rd shift and alternate weekends
  • Operate and maintain the facility management system (Delta Room) over 170,000 individual points
  • Operate water quality team
  • Operate building systems task force


  • Utilities Contract
  • Purchasing of Utilities
  • Review Design of Utilities on Major Contraction
  • Title V Air, Industrial Waste Water, and other permits requirements for Campus
  • Energy conservation

Our Units

  • Electricity
  • Steam/Chilled Water
  • Building Operation
  • Administration