• Duplicate Diploma Request Form (PDF*): This form is used by students to request a Duplicate Diploma from UK Student Records. Duplicate Diplomas are requested for a number of reasons including: replacement of damaged or lost diplomas, name changes, or replica for academic/employment purposes.



  • "Pink Sheet" -- Request for Schedule Change Form (PDF*): Authorized UK departments submit this form to the University Registrar. This form must be completed by a department when they want to: (a) change a course in the printed schedule, (b) create new sections for courses in the printed schedule, (c) drop a course or (d) change the credits, days, hour, building, or room number.  
The signed, completed forms are returned to: 
Registrar's Office Room 12, 
Funkhouser Building 
Lexington, KY 
Before submitting this form, you must check with the Registrar's Office for room availability. 
Phone: (859) 257-4903 


  • Request for Student Information Form: Authorized UK departments submit this email to request student information. To request reports that include student information, please provide a brief description of the data request along with a statement of need.
  • Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information -- Privacy Form (student) (PDF*): Students use this form to formally request the University Registrar to prevent disclosure of "directory information" except to school officials with legitimate educational interests and certain others as specified by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).


  • Transcript Request Form (PDF): Students use this form for Transcript Requests. It is submitted to the University Registrar.
  • Tuition / Fees Appeal Form (PDF*): The tuition appeals form is provided for students who feel that tuition and fee charges for a particular term were unwarranted. Reasons for uses of the form can be for medical, financial, or personal hardships the student encounters during the term in question. Appeals should be accompanied by supporting documentation before a decision can be provided.