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The NorthEast Conclave is the granddaddy of genuine FF@ conclaves--which is a bone of contention with Norm Crisp who met with two European listers about the same time and wants that meeting refered to as the "first" northeast conclave. That discussion comes up from time to time, when we have to remind Norm that his was a miniclave and it was in NorthWest Europe, not NorthEast U.S. 8^)

Originally NEC was held in Lake Placid, in fact the first two NECs were in Lake Placid. They were hosted by Luis Nasim and Richard Caccavale. Then it was decided that NEC would move around the northeast a bit so that other northeastern FF@ers could attend. So the 3rd one was held down in Carlisle PA, hosted by Dale Bonney. The 4th one was in Ontario on the Grand River, hosted by Sheldon Seale, Ian Martin, and their fellow Izaak Walton League members on FF@. The 5th one went home to Lake Placid, hosted by me and Luis Nasim. The 6th one next June was in northcentral PA, again hosted by Dale Bonney. And so on ...

During the years that NEC travels to another location, we still have a Lake Placid Clave on the original weekend, the last weekend in May. That's why some years there is both an NEC and a Lake Placid Clave. We've been meeting there continuously and it's pretty incredible. The non-NEC Lake Placid claves were organized by me and Luis.

Chris Knight

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