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Tenn'Clave started in 1995 with about 14 attendees as I recall and has grown to a high of 200+ . It continues to be held the Columbus Day weekend each year and the camp site is always the same - The Sullivan County Campground at Observation Knob in Bristol, TN. The rivers fished include the South Holston and Watuaga tailraces, local creeks, some neighboring Virginia waters, and once in a while one of the hearty drop a line in the S. Holston Lake for bluegills and bass!

Our furthest travelled attendee to date has been Dave and Judy Churches from Australia in 1996.

The highlight of the weekend has been the Saturday Night Jack Daniels Supper which Jack Daniels (Brown Forman Distillery) graciously provides enough Gentleman Jack for all to toast the passing of Gentleman Jack on that same evening at 7:00PM!!

The event is now a tradition and receives quite a bit of local attention in Tennessee as well. Each year in fact the congressional district provides a complimentary Tennessee State flag for the furthest travelled attendee and the event has been proclaimed by the Governor of Tennessee as Tenn'Clave Day in Tennessee!

Ben Benoit

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