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University of Kentucky Department of Entomology - KENTUCKY BUG CONNECTION
Youth Entomology Resources | MIDDLE - HIGH SCHOOL


Kentucky Critter Files   KENTUCKY CRITTER FILES - a guide to Kentucky's insects, spiders, and related arthropods.  Along with tons of pictures, you'll find biological profiles, collection tips, and folklore about our state's most fascinating creatures.
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Edible Insects   EDIBLE INSECTS has all the gross goods on the culinary uses of insects.  Look for recipes and party hints.  Plus, you can find out how many insect parts are in your jar of peanut butter.
Entomology Books   If you need entomology information for a book report or science fair project, check our ENTOMOLOGY BOOKS page for a list of useful references.
Pet Bugs   PET BUGS contains care tips for praying mantids, tarantulas, hissing cockroaches, and other captive arthropods, both native and exotic.
Teaching Resources   TEACHING RESOURCES - KERA-aligned lesson plans, curriculum guides, and activity ideas for parents and educators of Middle- and High-School students.  Includes Wee Beasties newsletter for educators.

Kentucky Bug ConnectionYouth Entomology Resources | PRESCHOOL - ELEMENTARY
For preschool and elementary educational materials, please visit our adjacent site, KATERPILLARS.

Photos courtesy B. Newton and R. Bessin, University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.

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