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Youth Entomology Resources | MIDDLE - HIGH SCHOOL


NOTE: for allergic individuals, the ingestion of insects or insect products can be dangerous, just as with any foods with animal or plant proteins. The Kentucky Bug Connection does not advocate the use of insects as food, and is providing the information below for educational purposes only.

For our edible-insect topics, visit BUGFOOD on our adjacent site (Katerpillars) or, jump straight to the following topics:

Insect-Themed Foods: Create simple foods that look (but don't taste!) like insects and their relatives).

Insects as Food: Did you know that you accidentally eat insect parts all the time?

Insect Snacks From Around the World: Learn about insect-eating practices from Australia, Japan, and beyond!

Insects as Food: One of the most-visited insect sites on the Internet, Dr. Gene Defoliart's site contains lots of information about this topic presented from several points-of-view. 
Iowa State University - Insect Recipes: As featured on the Jay Leno show, this site presents some of the insect recipes served up by the Entomology Club at Iowa State University.
Hotlix: this company from California (of course!) sells several novelty insect foods, such as "cricket-lick-it" lollipops and "larvets" (deep-fried mealworms).  These items may not be the best buys for your snack-dollar, but they make great conversation pieces.

Kentucky Bug ConnectionYouth Entomology Resources | PRESCHOOL - ELEMENTARY
For preschool and elementary educational materials, please visit our adjacent site, KATERPILLARS.

Photos courtesy B. Newton and R. Bessin, University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.

Original document: 19 April 2004
Last updated: 19 April 2004

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