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University of Kentucky Department of Entomology - KENTUCKY BUG CONNECTION
Youth Entomology Resources | MIDDLE - HIGH SCHOOL


Entomology resources for parents and educators of Middle-High School students.
Forest Entomology Leadership Program - Annual, week-long outdoor summer program for high school students
LESSON PLANS - With versions for Intermediate (grades 4-5) and Middle School (6-8), where appropriate.  Each lesson plan is aligned with KERA core-content and program of studies (PDF format).

    Insects A-Z  4-5
    Beneficial Bug Scavenger Hunt  4-5 | 6-8
    Termite Trails  4-5 | 6-8
    Field Guide to Schoolyard Insects  4-5 | 6-8
    The Great Spider Debate  4-5 | 6-8

CURRICULUM GUIDES - These inquiry-based guides match entomology activities from popular sources (like Project WILD and Project Learning Tree) with grade-specific KERA core content and program of studies connections and compile them into units with specific themes (PDF format).

    Insects in the Environment  4-5 | 6-8

The guides listed below contain many activities which can be used to teach the basics about insects and their relatives.  Although none of the guides below were created with KERA standards in mind, many of the activities within can easily be aligned with KERA core-content and program of studies.  Contact us if you have questions about whether a certain activity fits within KERA standards. 

Ranger Rick's NatureScope: Incredible Insects (National Wildlife Federation). Contains many activities for younger students, grades K-4.

The Pillbug Project: A Guide to Investigation (by Burnett).  Introduces students to science by way of the "pillbug," those little crustaceans that live around the foundation of homes and under rotten logs.  Produced by the National Science Teachers Association, this project book is designed for grades 1-6 and can be used as an entire unit to teach the basics of science investigation.  We have aligned a portion of this project to Kentucky core-content and program of studies in the curriculum guides listed on the Teaching Resources section of the Kentucky Bug Connection pages. 

4H Cooperative Curriculum System Publications: Entomology Units 1-3 and Helper's Guide.  These units were designed by entomologists, 4H specialists, and educators, and provide a good introduction to insects and their relatives for young people in grades K-6.  Several of the activities in this series are aligned to Kentucky core-content and program of studies in the curriculum guides listed on the Teaching Resources section of the Kentucky Bug Connection pages.

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method (by Kneidel).  This book is packed with investigations that you can use with your K-6 students to introduce scientific investigations via insects, spiders, and their relatives.


 WEE BEASTIES - On-line entomology newsletter for 4-H agents, parents, and teachers.
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USING TOY BUGS TO STUDY COMMON INSECTS: In 2004, The Department of Entomology worked with the Tracy Farmer Center for the Environment, the University of Louisville, and the American Printing House for the Blind to develope a Braille guide to common insects and other arthropods that are found on trees.  This guide allows students to use larger-than-life toy insects to study the body parts of several common insects and insect relatives.  

We also have an on-line text version (PDF format), which can be downloaded below.  Use this guide to introduce your students in grades 5-7 to insects, especially if you are also studying trees and the organisms that depend on trees.

Using Toy Bugs to Study Common Insects (and Thier Relatives) Found on Kentucky Trees


COMING SOON: FEATURED CREATURE TEACHERS!  Attention Kentucky middle- and high-school teachers: share YOUR experiences (and digital pictures) about the use of insects and their relatives in the classroom and we will post them here!  Send your story to


    Using Insects in the Classroom: this guide includes general tips on classroom entomology
    Classroom Mascots: how to keep pet insects (and their relatives) in the classroom.
    Starting an Observation Honey-Bee Hive



Kentucky AWAKE Kentucky AWAKE (All Wild About Kentucky's Environment) is a site devoted to Kentucky's animals, plants, and their ecosystems. This site contains lots of information and materials for science and natural resource educators.

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For preschool and elementary educational materials, please visit our adjacent site, KATERPILLARS.

Photos courtesy B. Newton and R. Bessin, University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.

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