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University of Kentucky Department of Entomology - KENTUCKY BUG CONNECTION
Youth Entomology Resources | MIDDLE - HIGH SCHOOL


How to acquire and care for captive arthropods.

KENTUCKY ARTHROPODS - pet bugs found in Kentucky
    Care and Keeping of Kentucky Arthropods - Introduction
    Praying Mantids
    Assassin Bugs
    Honey Bees
    Aquatic Insects
    Wolf Spiders
    Kentucky Scorpions


EXOTIC ARTHROPODS - pet bugs from beyond...
    Care and Keeping of Exotic Arthropods - Introduction
    Madagascar Roaches
    Emperor Scorpions


Classroom Mascots - how to keep insects and their relatives in the classroom.


LINKS - the best source for information about captive arthropods.


Kentucky Bug ConnectionYouth Entomology Resources | PRESCHOOL - ELEMENTARY
For preschool and elementary educational materials, please visit our adjacent site, KATERPILLARS.

Photos courtesy B. Newton and R. Bessin, University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.

Original document: 19 April 2004
Last updated: 19 April 2004

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