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Our Goal

During a still fluid pandemic, we must be flexible to ensure both that residential experience and the health, safety and well-being of everyone in our community. A mix of class formats—in-person, online and a blend of those formats in hybrid courses—gives us the opportunity to provide an outstanding educational experience while keeping everyone involved safe. We are working to ensure that every new first-year student will have the opportunity for at least some in-person instruction this fall. At the same time, the residential experience offers value that goes beyond the classroom, from living learning communities to tutoring and other resources.



myUK Course Catalog Description - In-Person

In-person courses are primarily held face-to-face on the main University of Kentucky campus.

Distance Learning - Internet, web-based

myUK Course Catalog Description - Fully Online

Online meetings are held fully online and do not require any in-person attendance.

Distance Learning - Hybrid

myUK Course Catalog Description - Hybrid

Hybrid courses have a blend of in-person and online instruction. They may include “alternating attendance” models (where different subsets of students attend in-person on different days), “flipped classrooms” (where students meet for working problems or discussions) and other models mixing in-person and online instruction.

Distance Learning - Compressed Video

myUK Course Catalog Description - Simulcast

Simulcast meetings are broadcast live to and from an in-person meeting to designated remote locations.

Off-Campus Course

myUK Course Catalog Description - Off-Campus

Off-Campus meetings are primarily held in-person at a designated off-campus location.