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Campus Operations

Are there contingency plans in place in the event there's a resurgence of COVID-19?

Yes. We are preparing a backup plan – for fully online or remote learning – that would be utilized in the event that COVID-19 spikes in a way that forces changes in federal and state guidance to keep our community safe. The 19 workstreams have developed operational reports, which were provided to the campus for feedback alongside the reinvented normal scenario in May. Those contingency plans will continue to be developed as we approach the fall; however, our primary focus is on reinvented normal operations. 

Have any changes been made to meal plan offerings or policies for Fall 2020?

UK Dining will offer the same meal plans as in FY20.  A number of things are different with respect to how students use their dining plan fall 2020 in the two residential units on campus (the only two locations that accept meal swipes on campus):  

  • UK Dining suggests the use of masks for all customers
  • UK Dining suggests social distancing while customers are in line
  • UK Dining has reduced seating capacity to comply with both social distancing regulations and state/local regulations on restaurant capacity.
  • UK Dining eliminated all self service points (food stations, condiment areas, fountain drink areas, etc)
  • UK Dining packs all meals in to go containers
  • UK Dining expanded the number of locations that students can use a swipe for a meal for lunch

How is the university handling research operations?

We understand that our research mission is not one that is easily amenable to pronounced changes in our mode of operations, but we also understand that we need to work together — using our collective knowledge and creativity — to adjust our approach to research during these difficult and rapidly evolving times.

Right now, research at UK is not suspended, and our research support offices will continue to provide base services. However, we are asking our teams to operate in a manner that reduces activities that require researchers to be on campus and that minimizes the possibility that researchers or study subjects experience exposure to the virus. 

We are encouraging our teams to move as much of their research as possible, and quickly, to remote operations. All research-related information can be found here.

How will transportation services be impacted?

For a full list of transportation updates, please our Campus Services page here.

How have mailing services on campus be impacted?

UK's mailing services will be operating on its normal delivery schedule. Departments will be able to send out mail as usual using the mail meter cards. Our vendor (United Mail) is operating on a normal schedule and will be making daily pickups as normal. 

Why are some buildings on campus lit green?

In a symbol of compassion, empathy and renewal, Gov. Andy Beshear has ordered the Governor’s Mansion be lit green in honor of every Kentuckian who has died in relation to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In solidarity with that action, University of Kentucky buildings will also be lit green.

Lights on 21 of UK’s buildings will burn green from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. each night in remembrance of the people who have died from the coronavirus in Kentucky.

Events and Athletics

How will December Commencement ceremonies be impacted?

At this time, no decisions have been made regarding December's Commencement ceremonies. We will continue to communicate with campus as we know more.