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Our goal is to provide excellent food and service in UK Dining, while practicing appropriate health and safety protocols and a clean, sanitized environment. Both residential facilities will operate in alignment with state guidelines, allowing restaurants to open with reduced seating capacities.  

UK Dining will offer the same meal plans as in FY20, however, a number of things will be different with respect to how students use their dining plan fall 2020 in the two residential units on campus (Champions Kitchen and Fresh Food Company):  

  • UK Dining suggests the use of masks for all customers
  • UK Dining suggests social distancing while customers are in line
  • UK Dining has reduced seating capacity to comply with both social distancing regulations and state/local regulations on restaurant capacity
  • UK Dining has eliminated all self service points (food stations, condiment areas, fountain drink areas, etc)
  • All meals are packed in to-go containers
  • The number of locations that students can use a swipe for a meal for lunch has been expanded
  • Cash registers are separated from guests by plexiglass dividers where possible
Retail dining (all other dining locations) 
  • All retail facilities with enclosed, dedicated dining rooms (not part of a common study space or other common space) are open but operate by providing options for carry-out services.
Campus catering 
  • Campus catering works closely with University Events and the EOC to adapt to current and future limits on the size of group events allowed on campus.

View a full list of restaurant changes

  • There will be two new local partners, SAVs grill and Eifel Pizza, preparing food in Champions Kitchen.  
  • House of Que will open where Steak-n-Shake was.  
  • Chick-fil-A will open where la Madeleine was.  
  • Zen Sushi replaces Aqua Sushi.  
  • The Wildcat Pantry at the 90 will be expanded.  
  • To help with social distancing in UK Dining units at lunch, the busiest meal period of the day, UK Dining will allow meal swipes to be used at an expanded number of units for this school year:
    • Wildcat Pantry @ Holmes
    • Panda Express
    • Subway in GSC
    • Auntie Anne's
    • Champions Kitchen
    • Food truck #1 (more information coming soon)
    • Food truck #2 (more information coming soon)
    • Intermezzo
    • Subway @ MI King
    • Wildcat Pantry @ Jacobs Science Building
    • Food truck #3 (tentative - location near WT Young still to be approved)
    • Food truck #4 (tentative - location near WT Young still to be approved)
    • Wildcat Pantry @ the 90
    • Fresh Food Company
    • Papa Johns at the 90