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UK Housing is committed to providing a transformative residential education. Inherent to this goal is the commitment to provide continuity in student support and to ensure health and well-being. Thus, in everything we do, we will prioritize health and safety within UK’s residence halls in alignment with CDC guidelines. Safety measures include a robust communication plan and a commitment to working with students to ensure their understanding of and adherence to policies.  

  • Safety measures emphasize social distancing and promote a clean environment.
  • To that end, the university extended move-in days to meet social distancing guidelines and residence hall staff will receive ongoing education and communication regarding state and CDC health and safety guidelines. 
  • Additionally, signage located throughout the facilities communicates health and safety protocols.
  • Students received a START kit with appropriate information, instructions and PPE. These kits were made available to students living off campus as well.
  • Housing assignments align with health and safety protocols in terms of room capacity.
  • Common areas remain open where possible to allow for student engagement and community building.
  • The university is enforcing visitation policies consistent with health and safety protocols.
  • Room assignments in residence halls may change to ensure UK meets appropriate CDC guidelines. The university will contact students should any changes occur.
  • For Greek housing, the university is working with house cores to be consistent with health and safety protocols.