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The health, safety and well-being of all members of our community are the university's top priorities as we plan for the fall semester. In everything we do, we will continue to be flexible to follow CDC health and safety guidelines, as well as recommendations from UK's START team. 

  • Meetings and Events must adhere to social distancing requirements by maintaining a minimum of six (6) feet between individuals as requested by CDC and Local guidelines.  An exemption may be given to families/individuals who live full-time in the same house or suite.   
  • Event Organizers must provide or arrange access to COVID-19 prevention supplies and personal protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer, for event staff, participants and attendees.  
  • Masks will be required unless individuals are alone in a room, eating, drinking, or exercising or when it interferes with required curricular activities. 
  • Room layout for meeting and/or event must reflect a minimum of six (6) feet between chairs or persons.  Event Organizers must organize a way for attendees to get to their seats in an orderly fashion that preserves the distance limit.  
  • Group activities (group discussions, networking, etc.) must be guided and structured. Pursue activities that limit close contact, touching, and sharing materials.      
  • Event Organizers must track attendance to ensure social distancing and avoid capacity concerns. 
  • Event Organizers must maintain a record of each person attending the event and their contact information.  Registered Student Organizations are required to use BBNvolved. This is to cooperate with state and/or local public official request(s) to notify attendees if the event is linked by contact tracing to high risk of COVID-19 exposure. Event Organizer is responsible for sending the contact information to the facility coordinator for their records within 24 hours after the event concludes.   
  • Event Organizers must communicate clear expectations to attendees prior to the event and discourage participants who are sick from coming to the meeting and/or event.   
  • Venues with multiple entry/exit points must clearly define entrance and exit points.   
  • Outdoor venues must have a defined entry and exit point(s). 
  • Self-Service Food and Beverage is not permitted. 
  • Exhibitors, booths, etc. must be spaced a minimum of six (6) feet apart. One person per table/booth should be permitted at a time.  
  • Giveaways must be executed in a contactless delivery method.  
  • Events and meetings that include vocal performances and/or singing must maintain a minimum distance of ten (10) feet apart.  Masks are required for all participants and attendees.
  • Contractors and vendors must wear face coverings or masks while at the venue or event space. 

The Governor has limited gatherings to a set number of persons, does this mean we can only have meetings and events under this threshold? 

No, capacity for meetings and events are based on the space reserved. Capacities for spaces across campus have been updated to meet the social distancing requirements.   

Where can the updated capacity numbers for meeting and event spaces be found?

The updated space capacities will be listed as the standard capacity when you search for available spaces on  

How should attendance be tracked?

Event Organizers must provide a method of registration and/or recording of attendees and participants joining the meeting and/or event. The University currently uses BBNvolvedEtix, and Utix for attendance tracking. Registered Student Organizations are required to use BBNvolved, unless the event is held in an on-campus facility that already employs it’s own university-approved tracking system to monitor and track their attendance. Event organizers, who are not affiliated with a registered student organization,  can also use other methods such as Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook Calendar invites, roll call, etc. Access to these and other resources is available on the Events Resource page. Event Organizers will be required to submit their attendee list to their facility coordinator within 24 hours of their meeting and/or event.

How will my meetings and events be approved?

The approval process for meetings and events will remain the same.   All events on campus are required to obtain approval through the Office of University Events before they can be promoted, or space can be confirmed.  Events that take place off university property do not require approval by the Office of University Events. However, event organizers are still responsible for following the University’s code of conduct and HR policies. 

What should event organizers do if an attendee/participant reaches out to say they have tested positive after attending an event?

Event Organizers will be required to submit their attendee list to their facility coordinator within 24 hours of their meeting and/or event.  This will allow facility coordinators to give accurate information to contract tracers if requested.   Event Organizers should not contact attendees themselves to ensure no HIPAA regulations are violated. 

Will promotional tables still be allowed?

Yes, select tabling locations will be available to allow tabling in areas where physical distancing can be observed.  Event Organizers may request tabling locations through  Other requirements for tabling include: 

  • Tabling must be limited to one person per table at a time.   

  • Tabling must maintain a 6ft personal diameter between clients and participants. It is recommended to use markings on the ground for those approaching the table to stand 6ft back. 

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times. 

  • Hand sanitizer at the table is recommended. 

  • Food sales are prohibited (no bake sales).   

  • Limit handouts, cash exchange, and giveaways.  Gloves are recommended to be used for handling items whenever possible. 

  • Act of giving away must be contactless, meaning items will not handed directly out to students. Must be placed on table by org and picked up by participant  

  • No rain location can or will be provided. In the case of rain, clients will need to contact University Events to reschedule

What is the difference between a University of Kentucky community member and non-UK community members and/or visitor?

UK community members will have a University issued linkblue ID. Non-UK community members will not have a linkblue ID. 

What is expected of both UK community members and non-UK community members when coming to campus?

All attendees and participants shall follow the university’s health, safety, and hygiene protocols, and must wear a mask. 

It is recommended that visitors screen for symptoms prior to their arrival on campus.  The University recommends using this tool found here

Will waivers be required for event attendance?

Currently waivers are not required for event attendance. This decision will be left to the event organizers.

Will attendees be required to preregister for Events/meetings?

It’s recommended, but not required for participants to preregister for events.

How should lines/queues be handled at event entrances?

Consideration needs to be given to avoid queues with arrival times. Staggered check-in times may be necessary to avoid lines. On event day, consider having a pre-registration “fast pass” line for pre-registrants and a regular line for attendees who have not pre-registered. It is recommended that Event Organizer obtain floor markings for marking 6ft distances for line queuing.  

What is the process to approve food for events/meetings?

Food at events will follow the standard event review and requirements.  Event organizers currently must avoid buffets and self-service food at events. Event organizers can also contact UK Catering by emailing or calling 257-1741. 

Can recreational spaces be reserved?

Yes, Recreational spaces can be reserved through . Many team sports competitions (basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) that inherently cannot maintain social distancing guidelines will not be approved for Campus Recreation facilities

Are there spaces that were previously used for events and meetings that aren’t available this semester?

Due to the need for increased academic instructional space, many spaces previously used for events and meetings may be unavailable for part of the day or entirely unavailable to allow physical distancing of academic course delivery. To see space availability, visit

Do spaces have the technology to broadcast/stream my event or meeting if I wanted to do a hybrid event (both in-person and virtual)?

Some spaces do have this technology. Please consult your Facility Coordinator or University Events at for further information.

Where can event organizers acquire resources such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)?

For departments’, the University Supply Center has various Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items available if/as needed for purchase. Current PPE stock may include items such as masks, gloves, sanitizer, wipes, etc. The Supply Center website can be found here and includes an online order form. Questions can be directed to the UK Supply Center as shown on their contact page.  

Will the event organizer or the facility coordinator be responsible that event space setup meets the University’s COVID-19 guidelines?

Facility Coordinators are responsible for ensuring room layouts for meetings and events reflect 6 feet between chairs.  If applicable, Facility Coordinators must work with Event Organizer to organize a way for attendees to get to their seats in an orderly fashion that preserves the distance limit.  

Who is responsible for sanitizing/cleaning spaces before or after events and meetings?

UK's Facilities Management employees regularly keep our community safe and healthy by cleaning campus buildings. However, given the scope of the COVID-19 situation, our Facilities Management staff will conduct an extensive, deep cleaning of all campus facilities.  At times, it will be necessary for Event Organizers to wipe down areas prior and/or after meetings and/or events. 

Are there new or additional requirements to reserve spaces?

No, the reservation process and event approval process will remain the same. For questions, please contact the Office of University Events at For event information unrelated to COVID-19, please visit

If I have additional questions, what should I do?

The Office of University Events is located in suite A151 in the Gatton Student Center. The University Events team can be contacted by telephone at (859) 323-8054 or by e-mail at

Where can I see the entire Events Workstream implementation plan?

You can view the implementation plan here. 

How should a group and/or solo photo be managed?

If a group picture cannot be socially distanced, a mask must be worn.  Participants should avoid any physical contact like hands on shoulders, etc.  Solo person shots or headshots usually can be done at a safe distance (6ft. or more), so it’s okay to remove the mask for these photos. The photographer should keep their mask on at all times.

What are the COVID guidelines for doing a video shoot?

The camera person should wear a mask and maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing while video recording.  If the distance between the camera person and interviewee is at least 6ft. then the interviewee can remove their mask for the portion of the interview and/or filming.