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The health, safety and well-being of all members of our community are the university's top priorities as we plan for the upcoming academic year. In everything we do, we will continue to be flexible to follow CDC health and safety guidelines, as well as recommendations from UK's START team. 

  • Masks will are required inside of all University of Kentucky indoor spaces, including both our academic and medical campuses, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.
  • Capacity for on-campus events will return to 2019 policies, which allow for greater capacity and attendance.
  • Spacing and room layouts will be based on life safety and event industry best practices. Spacing guidelines for COVID-19 will be adjusted to post-pandemic standards to be reflective of pre-pandemic norms.
  • Speakers and presenters are required to wear a mask unless they are speaking from behind a podium that is appropriately distanced from the audience or they are standing behind a plexiglass divider. If individuals are presenting behind plexiglass, they do not need to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Entry and exit points, although encouraged to remain defined, are no longer required to be labeled as separate entrance and exit points.
  • Food at events will follow the standard event review and requirements.  Event organizers may return to buffets and self-service food at events. Event organizers can also contact UK Catering by emailing or calling 257-1741. 
  • Bakes Sales are not permitted at this time.
  • The approval process for on-campus meetings and events will remain the same.   All events on campus are required to obtain approval through the Office of University Events before they can be promoted, or space can be confirmed. 
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSO) hosting events are required to track attendance for contact tracing purposes.  RSO’s are required to use BBNvolved to track attendance, unless the event is held in a facility that already employs its own tracking system to monitor and track their attendance.

The Office of University Events will be reaching out to Event Organizers who have submitted requests for future meetings and/or events to confirm plans.  For additional questions, please contact The Office of University Events by telephone at (859) 323-8054 or by email at