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These data below reflect population changes from the fall to spring semesters. Students who were here in the fall may have graduated or otherwise not returned and of course we are welcoming new students to our campus for the spring semester. Our student population will continue to change as we progress through the add/drop period of the spring 2022 semester.

Additionally, faculty and staff information has been updated to best represent our current employee population on campus. As such, our community denominator has changed and those changes are reflected in these percentages.

91.2% Fully vaccinated or in the process as of Jan. 19

Vaccine Breakdown: UK Community

88.9% Students

As of Jan. 19

96.8% Faculty

As of Jan. 19

93.3% Staff

As of Jan. 19

90.4% UK Campus

As of Jan. 19

93.1% UK HealthCare

As of Jan. 19

Current Campus Impact: Students

277 Total Active Cases

7-Day Moving Average: 432 Cases

1,365 Total Recovered Cases

7-Day Moving Average: 939 Cases

119 Newly Reported Cases on Jan. 19

7-Day Moving Average: 90 Cases

chart of active, recovered and new cases

This chart outlines new, active and recovered cases in the spring 2022 semester for students.

View student campus impact by date

Current Campus Impact: Employees

67 Total Active Cases

7-Day Moving Average: 87 Cases

368 Total Recovered Cases

7-Day Moving Average: 292

28 Newly Reported Case on Jan. 19

7-Day Moving Average: 18 Cases

chart of active, recovered and new cases

This chart outlines new, active and recovered cases in the spring 2022 semester for employees.

View employee campus impact by date

These data represent test results UK Health Corps has received beginning January 3, the first day of the spring 2022 entry testing period.

These data have a variety of sources, including on-campus testing data, results from off-campus providers, results from the Southeastern Conference and its testing partner and self-reported results revealed through the contact tracing process, which may lack testing documentation. 

Active Cases: Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not yet been released from their respective isolation locations or county health departments. If an individual does not submit to UK a "release from isolation" document from a county health department, they remain an active case for a number of days corresponding with their symptoms, per these CDC guidelines. 

Recovered Cases: Individuals who previously tested positive and have since been released from their respective health departments in the counties in which they are isolating. This action takes place once UK Health Corps has successfully received via email their “release from isolation” document and the case is officially closed. This also applies to cases that are beyond their isolation period, defined by these CDC guidelines.

Newly Reported Cases: Individuals with positive COVID-19 test results, who did not previously exist in the UK database of detected results, or have a new instance of COVID-19 infection. When Health Corps receives notification of a new case, contact tracers immediately begin their protocol to determine exposures and other relevant information, all of which is loaded into Health Cloud. Regardless of the date a test was conducted, it would be reported as a new case for the date it was first received by Health Corps.  

Students Currently in Campus Isolation Facilities

193 Campus isolation facility capacity (number of beds)

22 Students in Campus Isolation Facilities

11% Current campus isolation occupancy

Isolation: Separation of people known or suspected (via signs, symptoms or laboratory criteria) to be infected with a contagious disease from those who are not sick to prevent them from transmitting the disease to others.

View the CDC's updated guidance on isolating and quarantining.

UK-Collected Totals To Date: Students

6,457 Total Tests Conducted

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

1,208 Total Positive Results

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

5,248 Total Negative Results

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

UK-Collected Totals To Date: Employees

1,892 Total Tests Conducted

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

241 Total Positive Results

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

1,651 Total Negative Results

Starting Jan. 3, as of Jan. 19

These data reflect PCR COVID-19 test results conducted through on-campus testing and retesting (Wild Health and University Health Service) as well as PCR tests from other health care providers uploaded to University Health Service, beginning Jan. 3.

Notably, these numbers differ from data presented in the first section of this page (active cases + recovered cases). Here is why: These numbers reflect only UK-collected results. 

Our employees come from all over the state and are testing in different places. When they’re tested, their results are reported to their local health department. As such, UK does not have testing data for all employees.  

Individuals with inconclusive results (1) have been directed to retest and provided with instructions and resources.


These data are being communicated with the state and local health departments.

Visit Lexington-Fayette County Health Department

Kentucky COVID-19 Information

Factors Underscoring Operational Status

 The underlying factors the institution uses to monitor the health and well-being of the campus and operational status include:

  • Vaccination rates among the UK community.
  • Supply of PPE.
  • Prevalence of the virus.
  • The capacity for daily screening and ongoing contact tracing.
  • The capacity for isolation and quarantining.
  • The ability to provide residential experience on our campus.
  • Guidance from local, state and federal health and public policy officials.
  • The number of critical care beds in UK HealthCare to serve both campus and community.