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UK Students

Flu shots are required for all University of Kentucky students as part of our ongoing health and safety initiatives on campus.


UK Campus Employees

Flu shots are available and free to University of Kentucky campus employees.

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Flu Shot Exemptions

Request a medical exemption by contacting the Disability Resource Center (DRC) by email,, or call the office at 859-257-2754. The DRC will take your information and work with you on next steps.

Visit the Disability Resource Center Website

If you have a non-medical exemption request please contact UK Health Corps at  You will need to include your name and linkblue ID.

Flu Shots to be Mandatory for UK Students

University of Kentucky students who live on or come to campus will be required to receive a flu vaccination by Nov. 1.

The policy announced Oct 8, 2020 is part of the university’s ongoing response to COVID-19 and is a recommendation from UK’s START team of clinicians, researchers and public health professionals.

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Flu Vaccinations are More Important Than Ever

Flu season, like everything else this year, is looking a whole lot different. The same preparation is involved, with pharmacies and doctor’s offices preparing to give vaccinations for the flu season that generally runs from October to March, but with COVID-19 added to the mix, 2020’s flu season should be taken more seriously than ever.

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Get a Flu Vaccine to Avoid the 'Twin Pandemic'

 While the world waits to hear the results of ongoing clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine, in the hope that we may someday soon return to a pre-2020 state of affairs, we should remember that a vaccine already exists for one viral disease—influenza. The humble flu shot has the ability to prevent thousands of serious illnesses across the United States. For most people, flu vaccines are low-risk, low-cost or free, and relatively easy to access.

Here are a few reasons you should get your flu vaccine without delay.

Supporting Your Immune System: What You Need to Know

With flu season upon us and COVID-19 still a serious reality, supporting our immune systems has never been more vital.

You’ve probably heard the expression that you can “boost” your immune system by eating certain foods or by taking specific vitamins. The truth is that there are several foods, vitamins and behaviors that can support your system without overloading it.

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