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  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must report their test results to Health Corps. A staff member will then conduct a contact trace and issue an isolation order.

  • Students and employees who are fully vaccinated and have submitted their proof of vaccination to the university are not required to quarantine in the event of an exposure as long as they remain symptom-free. Anyone who is not fully vaccinated or does not disclose their vaccination status to the university must quarantine based on the current CDC guidelines.

Everything we do is guided by the principle of ensuring the health, safety and well-being of every member of the UK community. The university is working hard make it as easy as possible for our community to be safe. 

To effectively implement contact tracing, UK will initiate contact tracing for incident cases in faculty, students and staff. We will partner where possible with state and other local and national partnerships to best collect, assess and contact individuals that are exposed to infected people.

Of course, the university will ensure consent is obtained and confidentially provided for those involved in contact tracing. A process for ensuring that exposed individuals – as indicated by contact tracing – are assessed by a health care provider will be implemented. Testing and quarantining will be considered considered based on the details of the interaction and current evidence.

Individuals who quarantine for 14 days will be provided support and resources by the UK Health Corps team throughout isolation. This will include assessing and monitoring mental health needs. Isolation will continue until at least 14 days have passed from their initial symptom onset date and they have been fever-free for three days with improvement in their respiratory symptoms.