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Leave Options

Sick Leave

If you are not well enough to work – whether at your normal work location or remotely – you should request sick leave, or Temporary Disability Leave (TDL).  

If you are unable to work due to the care of a sick family member, you should request sick leave.    

Vacation Leave

While travel plans may be on hold right now, we encourage you to continue to take your accrued vacation time. It’s still important to take time away from work when you’re able.  

With many of us now working from home, it can be easy for lines to blur between working time and non-working time. Supervisors should respect approved vacation leaves and allow employees to truly be away from their work while on approved vacation. 

For campus employees, vacation accrued during the 2018-19 fiscal year will expire on June 30, 2020. We encourage you to take this time you have available. Or, you can consider donating expiring vacation time to the Shared Leave Pool, which helps your UK colleagues who have exhausted their own accrued leaves. 

Additional Leave Options

Under new federal laws, two options may be available if you are unable to work or telework:  

Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act – This act provides up to 12 weeks of leave, if you are unable to work or telework because you are caring for a child under 18 whose school or child care provider has closed due to COVID-19. 

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act – This act provides up to two weeks of paid leave. 

More information on these leaves is available from Dr. Eric Monday’s April 1 announcement

The federal legislation that created these leaves exempts health care workers and first responders, whose work we all rely on during this global health pandemic. Therefore, UK HealthCare and UK Police employees do not qualify for these leaves. 

Retirement Savings

Our Certified Financial Planner Todd Macaulay recommends staying the course with your retirement savings, even amid economic uncertainty.  

However, a new federal law allows for more early access to your retirement savings if you meet certain eligibility related to COVID-19. Learn more about these options.  

View a full list of retirement FAQs below.

Learn more about these options


Especially during these challenging and changing times, we're here to support you. 

Take a few minutes out during your day to stop, breathe and learn more about how you can grow and maintain your well-being. If possible, join us and your colleagues online no matter where you’re working.

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Health Insurance

If you have a UK health insurance plan, testing and treatment for COVID-19 are covered just like any other illness. If a test is deemed medically necessary - typically meaning a person is symptomatic or a test is ordered by a health care provider - there are no co-pay or other costs to employees on a UK health insurance plan through December 31.  Treatment costs are covered according to your health insurance plan, just like any other medical need. Depending on your plan, you may have a co-pay or co-insurance as you would for other medical needs.

Additionally, state testing sites listed here are available at no cost, regardless of health insurance plan. 

You also have options for virtual doctor’s appointments. LiveHealth Online is available to our health insurance plan members through Anthem. This service allows you to connect with a medical professional online. More information is available from UK Human Resources

UK HealthCare also now offers online visits. UK TeleCare allows you to conduct your healthcare visit via Zoom videoconferencing.  When video options are not available, telephone visits can be used for some interactions. 

There are no co-pays with UK health insurance for telehealth visits through December 31.

For Parents

We understand caring for your children is most important during this pandemic. In addition to encouraging as much remote work and flexibility as possible, employees can access our listings of resources for parents.

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Your well-being is our priority when you're working on site and when you're working from home.

Many of your employee benefits are already available to you online. Plus, you'll see several new tools and opportunities.

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