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Importance of Purchasing

As the university works to return to safe and reinvented normal operations, identifying any COVID-19-related purchases will allow for, and provide a comprehensive view into, institutional expenses—before, during and after the pandemic. Additionally, establishing these processes and capturing appropriate documentation will support the university’s efforts to include eligible expenses for reimbursement through available funding agencies.

Monthly reports will capture these costs that would not have otherwise been required in normal business operations. And, because the university expects that state and federal agencies will be looking to distribute grants and funding to aide in these expenses, these reports will advance our overall mission in these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 Purchasing

Departments should continue to appropriately mark any transactions related to COVID-19 purchases. This applies to purchases made by procurement card, payment request document or SRM shopping cart/SAP requisition. In order for the university to appropriately manage and track institutional expenditures, it is vital that departments notate transactions as shown below throughout the duration of COVID-19. Questions can be directed to or University Financial Services, as appropriate.

In order for the university to appropriately track purchase expenditures related to the COVID-19 response activity, please use the following guidelines, if applicable for COVID-19, for processing purchase transactions:

  1. For purchases made via university procurement card, when editing the transaction on the enterprise services tab, complete the assignment field with the reference COVID-19. Please note, COVID-19 will need to be entered on each line if the transaction is being edited to multiple cost assignments.
  2. For payment request documents (PRDs), after the PRD overview tab has been completed, click on the item tab and complete the assignment number field with reference COVID-19 on the account assignment tab. Please note, COVID-19 will need to be entered into the assignment number field for each accounting line item on the PRD.

  3. For SRM shopping carts/SAP requisitions:

    • SRM shopping carts – complete the assignment number cell on the account assignment tab with the reference COVID-19. This can be found in the bottom details section of the shopping cart. If this cell is not visible, utilize the settings button to the right to bring it into view. Please note that the assignment number cell differs from the assign number cell as the former will accept a text entry. It needs entered for each line item.

    • For SAP requisitions (health care or facilities), place an entry on the header note field in the top indicating the purchase is needed for COVID-19 response.

Visual Instructions

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