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Since the summer of 2020 the University of Kentucky’s Health Corps has served as the support hub for accessing services, information and referrals related to COVID-19 for main campus students, faculty and staff. Its operations have evolved over time to best meet the needs of the university in the present moment. 

The group includes university leaders spanning University Health Service (UHS), Facilities ManagementPublic Relations and Strategic CommunicationsMarketing and Brand StrategyAcademic and Student AffairsStudent Government Association (SGA), and Human Resources., Information Technology Services (ITS), College of Public Health, Smart Campus, Faculty Affairs,  Environmental Health and Safety, Institutional Research and Decision Support.

2020-2021 Operations Major Projects

  • Health and wellness symptom screening for all students, faculty and staff; 
  • Student testing; 

  • Consultation and testing or referrals to resources for faculty and staff; 

  • Wellness Stations: These are located around campus to provide masks, disinfectant and other resources as needed and as available. These wellness stations are also located at the front desk of every residence hall; 

  • Contact Tracers and Case Managers: Members of the UK Health Corps include trained contact tracers and case managers. Following CDC guidelines, the contact tracers and case managers will work directly with all students and employees who have tested positive and will provide them with the support and resources needed for recovery; 

  • Providing information about masks and PPE; 

  • Distributing Wellness Kits to every student: These include hand sanitizer, wipes, masks and additional items; and 

  • Collaborating with campus partners to communicate about key issues including increased cleaning and sanitation practices as well as newly created outdoor locations for gatherings and events  

Exposure Notifications

Contact tracing is being conducted using the CDC’s definition of high exposure for COVID-19, as reported by the case. The speed and degree to which contact notification will occur depend on current active cases, available resources and the nature of the exposure.

More details

Health Information for Students and Parents

Our Health Corps has worked around the clock to ensure our students and their families have the best available support and information. 

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  • Jordan Adler, Salesforce
  • Shelby Albers, Institutional Research
  • Sarah Ballard, Student and Academic Life
  • Julie Balog, University Marketing
  • Jay Blanton, Public Relations and Strategic Communication
  • Kimberley Blanton, UK HealthCare Division of Infectious Diseases
  • Todd Brann, Institutional Research
  • Katie Cardarelli, College of Public Health
  • Patrice Carroll, Human Resources
  • Tyler Gayheart, Leadership Team
  • Sarah Geegan, Executive Communication
  • Grace Hahn, Student and Academic Life
  • Ann Hays, University Health
  • David Hibbard, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Ashley Hinton, Student and Academic Life
  • Jason Hope, International Center
  • Catie Lasley, Human Resources
  • Abbie Loynachan, Smart Campus
  • Lance Poston, Project Manager for Health Corps, Leadership Team
  • Hannah Simms, Associate Project Manager Health Corps, Leadership Team
  • Mary Vosevich, Facilities Management
  • Anne Welch, University Health
  • Courtney Wheeler, Student Body President
  • Corrine Williams, College of Public Health