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Who We Are

Health Corps is an integral part of the university as a program within the Office for Student Success. As contact tracers, wellness connectors, academic coordinators and more, UK Health Corps staff have undergone extensive training, allowing the university to make it as easy as possible to be safe. Our team provides unique, individualized services, supporting our entire community — faculty, staff and students.


Contact us at 859-218-SAFE or


Since the discovery of COVID-19, the University of Kentucky community has collectively worked together to battle the challenge of the century. Leaders from across the campus established Health Corps to ensure our students, faculty and staff had access to necessary resources, including our Daily Wellness Screener, COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, health care, academic or financial assistance and beyond. And we believe we must continue to do everything necessary to protect the health and safety of our campus.

Health Information for Students and Employees

2020-2021 Operations Previous Projects

  • Health and wellness symptom screening for all students, faculty and staff; 
  • Student testing; 

  • Consultation and testing or referrals to resources for faculty and staff; 

  • Wellness Stations: These are located around campus to provide masks, disinfectant and other resources as needed and as available. These wellness stations are also located at the front desk of every residence hall; 

  • Contact Tracers and Case Managers: Members of the UK Health Corps include trained contact tracers and case managers. Following CDC guidelines, the contact tracers and case managers will work directly with all students and employees who have tested positive and will provide them with the support and resources needed for recovery; 

  • Providing information about masks and PPE; 

  • Distributing Wellness Kits to every student: These include hand sanitizer, wipes, masks and additional items; and 

  • Collaborating with campus partners to communicate about key issues including increased cleaning and sanitation practices as well as newly created outdoor locations for gatherings and events