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Schedule a test at UHS

Students are welcome to schedule a COVID-19 test at University Health Service. 

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Schedule a test at Blue Lot

Students can also receive a COVID-19 test at our community testing location at the Blue Lot at Kroger Field.

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Self-report test results

Students are welcome to get a COVID-19 test at an outside location and self-report their results through the link below.

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Other Testing, Screening and Tracing Details

Campus Students, Faculty and Staff Who Are Not Vaccinated

  • Students, faculty and staff who physically come to campus and who have not been vaccinated will be required to complete an entry test and to continue testing on a regular basis, likely once a month, as students did throughout the spring 2021 semester. Non-compliant students will be referred, as in the past, to the Office of Student Conduct.

Campus Students, Faculty and Staff Who Have Been Vaccinated

  • Students, faculty and staff who are vaccinated will not be required to complete COVID-19 entry or ongoing testing.
  • If vaccinated students, faculty and staff are still contacted about completing a COVID-19 test, it is possible that we do not have their vaccination documentation on file. Upload that information here, via our self-report tool.


Visit our student testing, screening and tracing FAQ page

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