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Throughout the semester, the COVID-19 data team has collected, validated, cleaned and reported testing data from several sources, including on-campus testing operations; off-campus providers; the Southeastern Conference and its testing partner; and self-reported results revealed through UK Health Corps’ contact tracing process. The team also monitors trends, in collaboration with the START team—the foundation for recommendations to retest subpopulations and provide ongoing retesting throughout the semester. Also in collaboration with the institution’s public health experts, the COVID-19 data team oversees the data analysis for UK’s wastewater and random testing initiatives. 

The process of analyzing these data was, and remains, a labor-intensive process. The team regularly receives more than 10 uploads of testing data from various sources and at different intervals each day, which require cleaning, validation, reconciliation and, ultimately, integration with the Health Cloud system powering the contact tracing process in UK Health Corps. 

The team works daily to understand our numbers and allow the science and data to drive everything we do for our community. That’s reflected on our dashboard, which includes total numbers, as well as seven-day averages, of active, recovered and newly reported cases on the UK campus. The dashboard also reflects the number of students in isolation, on-campus isolation capacity and community compliance with the daily attestation.