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We recently completed our COVID-19 entry testing at the University of Kentucky. Once again, our students stepped up to complete this important step in our efforts to keep our community safe.

This semester, 16,866 students were required to complete an entry test. Notably, 17,290 unique students completed an entry test between Jan. 14 and Feb. 7. That means several of our students chose to take advantage of free UK testing, even if they did not plan to come to physically come to campus this semester. This is a good thing. Testing keeps our community safe.

Importantly, there were two groups of students who were NOT required to participate in entry testing.

  • Students enrolled in the Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy, for whom the academic semester begins earlier than the rest of our campus: Students in these colleges did participate in entry testing; they simply completed it earlier than Jan. 14.  
  • Students who had tested positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days leading up to entry testing: According to the CDC, individuals may continue to test positive for the 90 days following the onset of infection, even if they have recovered from the illness. For this reason, students who tested positive on or after Oct. 16 are NOT required to participate in entry testing. Per the CDC, for persons recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection, a positive PCR without new symptoms during the 90 days after illness onset more likely represents persistent shedding of viral RNA than reinfection. If such a person remains asymptomatic during this 90-day period, then any re-testing is unlikely to yield useful information, even if the person had close contact with an infected person.

Both of these student groups WILL be required to participate in ongoing testing throughout the semester.

Now that we have passed the add/drop period for courses and heard back from our students who are not physically coming to campus, we can provide our total testing-required population on our data dashboard (which includes the two groups above, once their 90-day period has expired for the second group). That number is 19,319.

19,319 students will be required to participate in ongoing testing throughout the semester. They also should complete their Daily 4.0 each day, which includes filling out a daily health screener.

Students who are not physically coming to campus were not required to complete an entry test, and they are not required to participate in ongoing student testing.

For ongoing testing, students have been divided into four testing teams, each led by a coach from UK Athletics. Students will complete this required ongoing testing in teams for the remainder of the semester.

Moving forward, we will continue to update the data dashboard daily. Data will demonstrate a short lag, as it takes time for our team to clean, analyze and present test results.

We will continue to do all we can to keep our community informed and safe.