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Dear UK Community,

In a normal year, our campus would be closed this coming Monday for Labor Day. It goes without saying, this year is different.

This year, we’re asking more of you—more than simply coming to campus on a day that was, in past years, a holiday. We’re asking you to play a larger role in the health and safety of our community than ever before. We’re calling on you—more than ever before—to be your brother’s and sister’s keeper. 

We’re holding classes on Monday as way to gain back instruction time during a condensed semester. We hope it encourages our community to remain on campus, at a safe physical distance, rather than traveling. We have planned several events on campus that follow our event health and safety protocols. View a list of those events here. We hope it helps us get to November 24—safe, healthy and well.

I want to thank you for everything you are doing to protect and respect our community.

I know we can do this. 

Eli Capilouto

Labor Day Looks Different This Year