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The following email was sent to all unvaccinated employees on Tuesday, August 31.

Dear UK Faculty and Staff, Last week, we announced our testing policy for unvaccinated members of our community. Our records indicate that you are not vaccinated. If this is incorrect, please upload your vaccine documentation so you can be removed from this list. Here are some important reminders for unvaccinated employees:

  • Employees who are not vaccinated are required to be tested between Sept. 1 and Sept. 12. This first period of required testing includes 12 testing days to allow you to adjust your schedules to this new policy.
  • Moving forward, additional periods of ongoing, weekly testing will begin each Monday. Each week, you should complete a test between Monday and Sunday to remain in compliance with university policies. As such, the second testing period will begin Monday, Sept. 13.

Schedule a COVID-19 Test or Self-report your vaccine

Employees can be tested at any of the following locations, which are also open to students:

  • Blue Box Theater at Gatton Student Center: Walk-thru
  • President's Pavilion at Kroger Field: Walk-thru
  • College Way: Drive-thru
  • University/Employee Health (for symptomatic individuals): Walk-thru
Employees can also be tested at the following employee-only locations:
  • K-Lair: Walk-thru
  • Scott Street Overflow Parking Lot: Walk-thru and drive-thru
    • Staff will be on hand to assist individuals who need help registering.

Times for each of the locations are available on the website, and we strongly encourage you to make an appointment before arriving.

Testing Locations Hours 

More information about repercussions for noncompliance will be communicated soon. Please note: vaccines represent our best defense against COVID-19. Vaccinated individuals are significantly less likely to develop severe symptoms or to be hospitalized due to COVID-19. We strongly encourage you to get vaccinated—for your health and the safety of those around you. It is the right thing to do.