I see TCEs for some of my classes. How come I don't see TCEs for all of my classes?

To view the Teacher Course Evaluations you must login with your linkblue id.

The course you do not see probably does not have the flag set in SAP for a TCE to be given.  Please contact your college or department TCE Contact to check if they have had the course flagged for a TCE in SAP.  If it has not been flagged in SAP your students will not complete the TCE for your course. 

If you are a TCE Contact, you can check the Verification Report to see the courses that are flagged for TCE within the Blue system.  

Along with the Verification Report, the TCE Tableau Workbook can be useful to the TCE Contact.  This Workbook allows the TCE Contact to verify that the flag has been set in SAP.   

If you have access to Tableau and want to access the TCE Tableau Workbook please contact us by email at tce@uky.edu

If you need access to Tableau server contact us by email at tce@uky.edu and we will assist you.