Why didn’t I receive my TCE results?

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There are two possibilities:

1. Your course may not have been setup for your students to complete the TCE. If you did not receive any emails from the TCE system telling you that the TCE for your course had opened or reminding you to tell your students, then it is probably the case. Please contact us for more information: tce@uky.edu

2. Individual Reports are not distributed to the faculty for courses with less than 5 responses.  On October 4, 1994, the Senate Council responded to a set of implementation guidelines proposed by the Lexington Campus Chancellor's Office to limit the results to course sections with five or more students responding.

The 5 response threshold policy was revised and endorsed again by the Faculty Senate in April 2016: “To safeguard student anonymity and comply with FERPA, any results (numerical ratings and written comments) for classes with < 5 TCE responses shall not be made available to anyone.(Click here to see the full "Report of the UK Senate Teaching & Course Evaluation Implementation Ad Hoc Committee")