University of Kentucky Finance Conference

Bourbon barrels

2016 Program


   6:00 Welcome Reception


   9:00 Breakfast

   10:00 Session One, Chair: Bruce Carlin

Financial Sector Stress and Asset Prices: Evidence from the Weather Derivatives Market
Daniel Weagley (Georgia Institute of Technology)
 - Discussant: Hayong Yun (Michigan State University)

It Depends on Where You Search: A Comparison of Institutional and Retail Attention
Azi Ben-Rephael (Indiana University), Zhi Da (Notre Dame University), and Ryan D. Israelsen (Indiana University)
 - Discussant: Diego Garcia (University of Colorado)

Local Economic Consequences of Stock Market Listings
Alexander W. Butler (Rice University), Larry Fauver (University of Tennessee), Ioannis Spyridopoulos (Rice University)
 - Discussant: Zoran Ivkovich (Michigan State University)

   12:00 Lunch and Keynote Address by Jarrad Harford

   1:10 Session Two, Chair: Brad Jordan

Do Director Elections Matter?
Vyacheslav Fos (Boston College), Kai Li (University of British Columbia), Margarita Tsoutsoura (University of Chicago)
 - Discussant: Mark Huson (University of Alberta)

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Effect of Passive Investors on Activism
Ian R. Appel (Boston College), Todd A. Gormley (University of Pennsylvania), and Donald B. Keim (University of Pennsylvania)
 - Discussant: Pedro Matos (University of Virginia)

   2:30 Coffee Break

   3:00 Session Three, Chair: Kose John

The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting
Torsten Jochem (University of Amsterdam), Tomislav Ladika (University of Amsterdam), Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance)
 - Discussant: Ed Van Wesep (University of Colorado)

Geography of Firms and Propagation of Local Economic Shocks
Gennaro Bernile (Singapore Management University), Stefanos Delikouras (University of Miami), George M. Korniotis (University of Miami), Alok Kumar (University of Miami)
 - Discussant: Andrew Wu (University of Pennsylvania)

   4:20 Reception

   5:30 Bus Departs for Woodford Reserve



   8:30 Breakfast

   9:00 Session Four, Chair: Tom Bates

Rolling Mental Accounts
Cary D. Frydman (University of Southern California), Samuel M. Hartzmark (University of Chicago), David H. Solomon (University of Southern California)
 - Discussant: Clifton Green (Emory University)

Dissecting Conglomerates
Oliver Boguth (Arizona State University), Ran Duchin (University of Washington), Mikhail Simutin (University of Toronto)
 - Discussant: Diane Denis (University of Pittsburgh)

   10:20 Coffee Break

   10:40 Session Five, Chair: Matthew Spiegel

Inefficiencies and Externalities from Opportunistic Acquirers
Di Li (Georgia State University), Lucian A. Taylor (University of Pennsylvania), and Wenyu Wang (Indiana University)
 - Discussant: Rich Mathews (University of Maryland)

Testing Factor Models on Characteristic and Covariance Pure Plays
Kerry Back (Rice University), Nishad Kapadia (Tulane University), Barbara Ostdiek (Rice University)
 - Discussant: Chen Xue (University of Cincinnati)

12:00 Lunch and Post-Conference Activities