University of Kentucky Finance Conference

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2020 Program

Session Chairs: Tom Bates (ASU), Mike Faulkender (Treasury, Maryland), Denis Gromb (HEC Paris), Zoran Ivkovich (Michigan State)
A Theory of Financial Media 
Eitan Goldman (Indiana), Jordan Martel (Indiana), Jan Schneemeier (Indiana),
 - Discussant: Snehal Banerjee (UCSD)
Corporate Taxes and Retail Prices    
Scott Baker (Northwestern), Stephen Sun (City University of Hong Kong), Constantine Yannelis (Chicago)
 - Discussant: Ethan Rouen (HBS)
Counterparty Risk: Implications for Network Linkages and Asset Prices     
Fotis Grigoris (UNC), Yunzhi Hu (UNC), Gill Segal (UNC)
 - Discussant: Bernard Herskovic (UCLA)
Direct Lending in the U.S. Middle Market
Tetiana Davydiuk (Carnegie Mellon), Tatyana Marchuk (BI Norweigian), Samuel Rosen (Temple)
 - Discussant: George Pennacchi (UIUC)
Gig-Labor: Trading Safety Nets for Steering Wheels
Slava Fos (Boston College), Naser Hamdi (Equifax), Ankit Kalda (Indiana), Jordan Nickerson (Boston College)    
 - Discussant: Emily Gallagher (Colorado)
Interest Rates and the Design of Financial Contracts
Michael Roberts (Wharton), Michael Schwert (Wharton)
 - Discussant: Justin Murfin (Cornell)
The Leveraging of Silicon Valley
Jesse Davis (UNC), Adair Morse (Berkeley), Xinxin Wang (UNC)
 - Discussant: Matt Denes (Carnegie Mellon)
The Worst of Both Worlds? Dual-Registered Investment Advisers   
Nicole M Boyson (Northeastern)              
 - Discussant: Scott Yonker (Cornell)
Uncovering the Hidden Effort Problem         
Azi Ben-Rephael (Rutgers), Bruce Carlin (Rice), Zhi Da (Notre Dame), and Ryan Israelsen (Michigan State)
 - Discussant: Jeff Coles (Utah)
Who Uses What Order Type and Why?
Sida Li (UIUC), Mao Ye (UIUC), Miles Zheng (UIUC)
 - Discussant: Andy Puckett (Tennessee)