Fall 2020 Tuition and Fees Cap

This fall, the University of Kentucky will cap tuition and mandatory fees for all full-time undergraduate students regardless of how many in-person or online classes a student takes. For many students, this will result in a reduction in tuition of several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars.


As we return for a reimagined fall semester, it’s critical that our tuition pricing reflects fairness, consistency and a commitment to access and affordability.


Specifically, for this upcoming semester, tuition and mandatory fees will be capped at $6,242 for full-time undergraduate resident students and at $15,647 for non-resident students. That cap will be implemented irrespective of how many courses a student takes in in-person, online or hybrid formats (combination of in-person and online).


As we plan our return to face-to-face instruction, we know that many students and faculty want the option to explore online, alternative or hybrid learning formats. Without the cap, the result for many undergraduate students would have been higher tuition and fees than they would have incurred with more in-person options.


The potential savings for our students are significant. For example, a full-time Kentucky undergraduate student taking 12 hours of courses face-to-face and three hours online would normally pay $7,937 in total tuition and mandatory fees. With the cap, the same student would pay $6,242 total for the same mix of courses — a savings of almost $1,700.


For a list of FAQs on the Fall 2020 Tuition and Mandatory Fee Cap, click here.

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