Undergraduate Online Learning Rate

Beginning Fall 2019, the cost of fully online undergraduate courses will be assessed using the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate, in addition to tuition and applicable mandatory fees for any on-campus courses. The Undergraduate Online Learning Rate is the same for resident and non-resident undergraduate students.   

Any UK undergraduate student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester is considered a full-time student, regardless if they are online or on-campus. Students enrolled in only on-campus courses are billed per credit hour up until the full-time threshold. Students are not charged for any additional on-campus credit hours taken past the full-time threshold.  

Full-time students enrolled in on-campus courses interested in taking a fully online course will be charged the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate for each online credit hour taken beyond the student’s on-campus credit hours. For example, if a full-time student enrolled in 12 hours of on-campus coursework takes three additional credit hours online, they will be charged their regular tuition plus the undergraduate Online Learning Rate for three online credit hours.   

All full-time students (including online) that take at least one course on campus will be charged the full rate of mandatory fees - $674.50 per semester, which gives them access to all services available to full-time students. 

Students enrolled only in fully online courses who exceed the 12 credit hour threshold, will be charged the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate and the mandatory fees applicable to a student enrolled in online coursework. 


For Academic Year 2019-2020, the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate per credit hour for students enrolled in fully online courses and no on-campus courses is:  


$559.00 per credit hour 

Mandatory Activity/Service Fees 

$11.00 per credit hour 

Total Online Learning Rate 

$570.00 per credit hour  


For Academic Year 2019-2020, the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate per credit hour for students enrolled in at least one on-campus course is:  


$559.00 per credit hour 

Mandatory Activity/Service Fees 

$42.00 per credit hour 

Total Online Learning Rate 

$601.00 per credit hour 

(Note: If the student enrolls in 12 or more credit hours online and on-campus, the mandatory/activity service fees are $674.50 per semester) 

Returning students enrolled full-time in both on-campus and online courses may be eligible for, and are encouraged to consider, Transition Grant funds to partially or fully offset any increased costs from the Undergraduate Online Learning Rate. Priority will be given to returning undergraduate students enrolled in online courses that are required for their major, seniors on track to graduate within the next academic year, accommodations recommended by the Disability Resource Center, and students with the highest unmet financial need. 

To be eligible, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA as soon as possible. For more information on the Transition Grant, please visit transition-grants. For additional information and questions, please contact your financial aid counselor at (859) 257-3172 or use the online chat feature at www.uky.edu/financialaid