Distance Learning (DL) Fee FAQ

University of Kentucky

Distance Learning (DL) FAQ


Why do I see additional fees for a specific course that I am taking?

You are enrolled in a course that will incorporate remote learning platforms. This distance learning fee is course-specific fee that supports the infrastructure and technical support for the course’s remote learning components.


How is this the DL fee benefiting me as a UK student enrolled in an online or hybrid course?

This fee supports the infrastructure and technical support needed for remote course delivery, as well as compliance with state and federal regulations for the delivery of online learning.


I did not ask to be in an online course, why am I being charged this fee?

Many courses are being delivered in a hybrid modality, which requires remote learning infrastructure, to ensure the health and safety of the UK community.


How is the DL fee different than the $99 IT fee as part of the Mandatory Student Fee ($674.50)

The mandatory technology fee supports campus-wide technological infrastructure such as wireless access, broadband network availability, the Media Depot @ the Hub, and other equipment and technology infrastructure needed to support all our students.  The DL fee is a course-specific fee that supports licenses and administration for software technologies used in the course, such as Respondus, ProctorU, Zoom, and Yuja.  The DL fee also supports instructional design and regulatory compliance for the delivery of online education in both fully on-line and hybrid formats.


Was the DL fee imposed after the change in course delivery/instructional modes for fall 2020?

No. The distance learning fee was assessed in previous semesters as well.  It is included on the list of course-specific fees found here.


What are my options to not have to pay this $10 per cr/hr DL fee?

Courses delivered entirely in-person do not include the distance learning fee. We encourage students, however, to plan their schedule to best fit their academic goals. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships is available to advise students regarding financial aid eligibility and the Office of Student Financial Wellness is available to assist with financial planning.


Does my UK scholarship cover the DL fee?

The DL fee is considered a course/program fee.  Whether or not a scholarship supports the fee is highly dependent on the scholarship.  If a scholarship award is “tuition only”, it would not cover the DL fee.


The University said there was going to be cap on tuition and mandatory fees. This seems to contradict this message.  Can you please explain?

The University of Kentucky will cap tuition and mandatory fees for all full-time students regardless of how many in-class or online classes a student takes. Tuition and mandatory fees are found here.  Information about the cap on tuition and mandatory fees is found here. Without the cap, the result for many undergraduate students may have been higher tuition and fees than they would have incurred with more in-person options.  The distance learning fee has always been a course-specific fee, not a mandatory fee.