Name and Address Changes

Legal Name Change

Legal Name Change Form

You must submit government-issued identification showing the name you wish to appear on your official records. Please make sure the copy of your documentation is legible. 


Preferred Name Change 

1. Print Preferred Name Change Form

2. Completely fill out form. Make sure writing is legible. (Note: legal name signature is required)

3. Email completed form to or submit to the Registrar's Office in 10 Funkhouser Building.


NOTE: A copy of your Preferred Name Change Form can be taken to the ID Office in the Gatton Student Center to facilitate an updated preferred first name on your UK ID card. 


Address Change

You may update your address online using myUK. 

1. Login to myUK

2. Select Student Services tab

3. Select myInfo tab

4. Select the address tab that you wish to update. Your current address is where mail from UK will be sent. 

5. Select Edit

6. Update address

7. Select Save


If you are unable to access your myUK, please contact IT Services at 859-218-4357.