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Kentucky Can: The 21st Century Campaign

We take seriously our role as the University of Kentucky and as the University for Kentucky.

That’s why we have launched this historic effort on behalf of this special community, and on behalf of our Commonwealth and all those we serve.

Kentucky Can: The 21st Century Campaign is a $2.1 billion fundraising effort to ensure that more students attend our University without incurring debt … more research and care is created to address our state’s most pressing needs … and greater resources are generated to support the faculty and facilities who make our work together possible.

After all, we are the heartbeat of Kentucky’s industry, the pulse of its economy.

We are the voice of Kentucky’s arts and letters, the oracle of its soul.

We are the force that guides and pushes and cajoles.


That’s why this university was created.

That’s why we’re here.

That calling—our history, our legacy of service—is rooted in our willingness to put in the time, give a little more of ourselves, and make the most of what we’ve got.

And now, it’s time to get to work. It’s time to pull on our gloves, lace up our boots, and do even more for the place that made us who we are.

It’s time to stand behind this institution and its commitment to our Commonwealth, its people, and all who are inspired by all that we do.

We have the power to improve lives, right here in Kentucky.

We have the ability to create smarter communities for all of Kentucky.

And we have the responsibility to address the problems that challenge us—because we are Kentucky.

And together, we will show the world what Kentucky can do.

Kentucky can bring hope to those in need and in pain.

Kentucky can equip the new leaders who’ll show us the way.

Kentucky can find answers to the biggest questions we face.

Kentucky can work harder, reach higher, and dream bigger for the future of our institution, our students, and our state.

Kentucky Can: The 21st Century Campaign. 

To become involved in our efforts for UK and Kentucky, visit:

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