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KYCCS Western Kentucky Deep Test


Recent presentations and posters

Post-injection meeting for the Western Kentucky Deep Test.

KGS marks completion of CO2 deep well success

Carbon dioxide successfully injected at Hancock County Test Site

Pre-testing meeting for the Western Kentucky Deep Test

Photos of the Hancock County Deep Carbon-storage project

Drilling Began April 23 on the Western Kentucky Deep Test

Lane Report story on carbon research at UK (Used with permission, Lane Communications Group)

Agenda: Western Kentucky Project Planning Meeting, KGS Lexington Core Library, January 8, 2009

Deep Seismic Reflection Survey in Hancock County

Staff of WesternGeco Corporation conduct a deep seismic reflection survey in the vicinity of the planned carbon dioxide test injection well in Hancock County. The survey, when completed, will provide KGS geologists additional information about the deep subsurface geology of the region.  A short video shows three large seismic vibrator trucks in action along Highway 1265 in Hancock County on December 18.  Click on the photo or here to view the video.

More photos of the deep seismic reflection survey (click on each text line):

Western Kentucky Project Planning Meeting, KGS Lexington Core Library, December 11, 2008

Hancock County wellsite construction work

Hancock County wellsite survey

Hancock County shallow seismic survey

Western Kentucky Project Planning Meeting, KGS Lexington Core Library, November 6, 2008


Advisory Committee Meeting: 21-Aug-2008, 9 am, Kentucky Geological Survey Well Sample and Core Repository

Meeting with U.S. EPA Region IV, Atlanta, Georgia, 12-Aug-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 24-Jul-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 19-Jun-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 22-May-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 27-Mar-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 5-Mar-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 21-Feb-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 7-Feb-2008:

Advisory Committee Meeting, 22-Jan-2008:

Meeting Agenda (1/9/08): Jan. 9, 2008: West Kentucky Deep Saline Test


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