see promise.

It’s happening everywhere at the University of Kentucky.
A new core curriculum that challenges students to collaborate and expand their skills across several disciplines; faculty and staff committed to transforming lives and communities through innovative teaching, research and cutting-edge health care – those are just two examples.
Nowhere, though, is that transformation more apparent than in the way students live on campus. UK is currently undertaking the largest and most innovative transformation of student residence halls in the country.
“Last year, this Board of Trustees – responding to the voices of faculty, students and staff throughout our campus – articulated an ambitious and farsighted agenda to transform our campus infrastructure -- a critical path to take in enhancing undergraduate education and helping ensure that we have the capacity to improve learning and research space,” said UK President Eli Capilouto.
The plan is to construct between 7,500 to 9,000 new residence hall beds over the next 5 to 7 years. Working with a developer that specializes in campus housing, the process is rapidly underway. A new 601-bed residence hall, focusing on Honors students, will open in August. Another 2,300 beds in five residence halls on four sites spread across campus are under construction now and will be open in 2014.
The focus on housing is intentional. Students do much better academically when they live on campus, where they can engage more readily with faculty and in university life.
The new residence halls -- located at Cooperstown on South Campus, a new Haggin Hall on Central Campus and near Memorial Coliseum on North Campus -- will be a combination of two and four bedroom suites. Depending upon their configurations and size, suites may come with one or two baths, kitchenettes and living areas. The residence halls will be wireless and, in many cases, will contain learning space for classrooms, collaborative work among students and faculty and ample space for common areas where students can build community.
“In moving forward with this transformation of our student housing,” Capilouto said, “we are honoring the Kentucky Promise to educate and prepare the young people of this Commonwealth for lives of leadership, meaning and purpose."

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