Welcome Class of 2022!

We're so glad you're here.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Kentucky! Our community of students, staff and scholars is ready to accept you into our Big Blue family. As you prepare officially to become a Wildcat, please carefully read this guide and complete all of the necessary steps to ensure your place in the incoming class. With 16 academic colleges, the Lewis Honors College and more than 600 student organizations, your time at the University of Kentucky promises to be enriching and challenging, preparing you, as UK President Eli Capilouto often says, "for a life of leadership, meaning and purpose." Our responsibility at the University of Kentucky is to help you reach your goals; we know that in four short years you will be entering an ever-changing workplace, where you will have to reinvent or adapt a job to match our global economy. We want you to learn all of the skills you need to compete and succeed. Learning takes place where your creative fires are sparked and where your studies match your passions - where you "see blue." We're so excited you've chosen to see yourself here at UK.


Scott McDonald
Dean of Undergraduate Admission



To Do Checklist for All Students

To Do Immediately

  • Activate your Link Blue Account
  • Activate your University Email Account
  • Complete your Financial Aid application (FAFSA)
  • Apply for campus housing and LLP
  • Confirm your place in the Class of 2022

Scroll down the page to view how to complete this list.

Before You Come To UK

  • Take an official campus tour
  • Download the myUK app for your phone
  • Review technology recommendations
  • Send us your final high school and/or college transcript(s)
  • Send any IB/AP testing results
  • Explore academic programs
  • Activate Handshake (UK's career/internship management system)
  • Contact Disability Resource Center (if applicable)
  • Apply for parking (application is available in June)
  • Get excited for K Week

Scroll down the page to view how to complete this list.

Activate Your LinkBlue Account

Your linkblue account is a critical part of being a UK student. Your linkblue ID and password are your universal username and password that get you into everything electronic at UK. You'll use this to confirm your attendance; utilize the class registration, billing and payment system; apply for UK Campus Housing; access UK systems like myUK, Canvas and iTunesU; and a lot more. Click here to get started.

Activate Your University Email Account

After you set up your linkblue account, you should activate your university email account. Your UK email account is the University's official communication channel with you. Important dates, deadlines, confirmation information and other information will be communicated via your UK email.

Money Matters

The University of Kentucky’s Student Financial Wellness Center is geared toward engaging our students in financial literacy programs and it provides a place for peer mentorship through the MoneyCATS team. The center is also a resource dedicated to the entire UK community supporting the evolving financial needs of students across campus.

Complete Your FAFSA

A great education should be accessible to everyone, no matter his or her financial situation. If you have the desire and drive to attend UK, we want to work with you to make that happen. Apply early for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2018-19 is available. The priority deadline for application is December 1.

Apply For Scholarships

Academic and competitive scholarship applications are part of the UK undergraduate admission application, so there is no separate application for awards from the institution. To be considered for competitive scholarships and academic scholarships your application must have been received by December 1.

Living On Campus

Some of the best memories of college come from living on campus. Friends are made every day in a residence hall, on a walk to class or over a delicious meal. From the time you step onto campus as a freshman, to the time you walk across the stage as a graduate, the heart of the Big Blue Nation will be your home away from home. It’s not just a place or a building. Home is a place where friends and family gather, eat, sleep and learn. Home is a place where memories, best friends and good times are made. Home is full of laughs, tears and cheers. You’re home. Welcome to the University of Kentucky.

Living on Campus Helps You Make The Grade

...and graduate on time.

Living on campus has a positive impact on a student’s retention rate. Students are more likely to return for their sophomore year if they live on campus, and have an even better retention rate if they participate in a Living Learning Program. We know that Wildcats are happier, more successful and more involved when they live in a residence hall. First fall GPAs for students living on campus average 3.07, a 0.36 difference when compared to students living off campus (average first fall GPA of 2.71). We've invested nearly  $450 million in new residence halls, nearly $75 million in our dining facilities and $6 million on campus security - all to create a community where our students thrive and feel at home. Living on campus is a smart decision for not just your first year, but throughout your college career.

Living Learning Program

When you are part of the Living Learning Program, you are part of an even more specialized community within the residence hall that is complete with mentors, faculty, students and staff with similar goals but different backgrounds. With 13 programs to choose from, no matter which program you choose, there is a community that is just right for you.

Participating in the Living Learning Program determines the residence hall that you will live in, and your roommate will also be a participant in the same LLP as you. Find the right LLP for you at www.uky.edu/housing/living-learning-program.

Room Types

We have been waiting for you. Over the past four years, we’ve created the finest living arrangements of any college campus in the country. Just for you. You will feel secure when you select your room, down to the building and room number. From the day you move-in, until the day you graduate, you will be constantly making memories that will last a lifetime. At the University of Kentucky, living on campus means community, comfort and home. Learn more at https://www.uky.edu/housing/room-types

How To Apply for Housing

When you plan to live on campus, apply for housing as soon as possible after admission to UK. Applying for admission and applying for housing are two separate processes. New students are highly encouraged to apply for housing, as students who choose to live on campus and participate in an LLP are proven to be more successful academically. Participating in an LLP offers you the opportunity to live with those who share similar majors or interests and to find a close-knit community. These communities offer specialized programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff and a supportive environment that focuses on student success. Remember, it is important to apply for Housing/LLP right after admission to UK. Students are encouraged to apply even if you haven’t made a final decision yet.


To apply for housing and your top three LLP choices:

  1. Log in to myUK portal: myUK.uky.edu
  2. Select "myInfo"
  3. Select "Undergraduate Housing" (Application fee: $50 and is nonrefundable)

*A $150 housing prepayment will be required by May 1. If you have questions or need help, please contact Campus Housing at 859-257-1866

Eating Made Easy

UK Dining offers a wide variety of locations and dining plans to satisfy every Wildcat's appetite. You will have access to quality, healthy meals, personalized menu items and the convenience of more than 30 locations close to your residence hall and classes. The All Access dining plans give you unlimited access to both residential dining locations for meals, snacks or even just to hang out with friends. Students living in undergraduate residence halls are required to purchase a university dining plan.* Learn more about the dining plan options and pricing at uky.edu/ukdining.



Confirm Your Place in #UK2022

Make It Official.

We are so excited that you’ve chosen to be a Wildcat! We want to welcome you to the Big Blue Nation. Here’s how to confirm your spot in the Class of 2022 and information on how we officially welcome students to campus. Confirming your place is a two-step process; first, confirm your enrollment by paying your orientation fee and enrollment deposit and then sign up for your “see blue.” U Orientation.

This must be completed by May 1 for freshmen admitted to the fall semester. Your linkblue account must be activated to select your “see blue.” U date. If you need assistance, contact the university orientation office at 859-257-3256 or orientation@uky.edu.

  1. Log in to myUK using your linkblue account: myuk.uky.edu
  2. Select the "Student Services" tab
  3. Select the "Admissions" sub tab
  4. Select “see blue.” U Orientation Registration on the left hand side bar.

Please note: You will have an advising hold on your account until you attend your orientation.

Take an Official Campus Tour

No, you didn’t read that heading incorrectly. Even though admission to the University has already been granted, many students have not taken an official campus tour and visit. We encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunity to see their new Kentucky home through an official first-time or return visit to UK. After you register, please let the Visitor Center staff know if you would like to meet with colleges and departments.

Get To Know Your President

Meet UK’s president, Dr. Eli Capilouto, and learn about his dedication to helping you and all other UK students to "see blue." He'll also introduce you to a few fellow Wildcats who will help you with your first important lesson - learning the UK Fight Song!

myUK Mobile App

The myUK mobile app is available for students, faculty and staff of the University of Kentucky. Use your linkblue account to sign in and manage your UK information on the go! Plan and register for courses, check your financial information, engage with student organizations and activities and monitor your Wildcat activity via the “K-feed.” The app is also a great way to have important deadlines and information pushed directly to your device. Learn more by visiting seeblue.com/ukapp.

Laptop/Tablet Recommendations

The University of Kentucky strongly recommends that each student purchase a personal laptop computer or equivalent tablet device. A student’s program requirements, budget and preference should be the primary factors in choosing a laptop/tablet. Most laptops on the market will meet basic needs; however, UK offers a few guidelines.

Laptop Minimum Suggested Hardware

  • Processor: iSeries 1.8 Ghz or higher Memory: 8 GB minimum (16 GB preferred)
  • Storage Capacity: 250 GB minimum (500 GB preferred) Wireless card: 802.11n minimum (802.11ac preferred)
  • Operating system: Most recent version for your hardware (Please check with your college/program contact for any specific OS requirements)
  • Up-to-date anti-virus / anti-malware software, preferably installed before coming to campus
  • Webcam (many laptops come with an integrated webcam and will not require an external device)
  • Headphones or headset with microphone
  • Other helpful options: 8 GB or higher USB Flash Drive, external hard drive (for data backup/extra storage), wired or wireless external mouse, video out adapters (dvi/hdmi) and a laptop security cable

Tablets and Other Devices Minimum Suggested Hardware

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.3 Ghz or higher | Apple A7 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB minimum
  • Storage capacity: 16 GB or larger
  • Operating system: Most recent version for your hardware (Please check with your college/program contact for any specific OS requirements)

College Specific Requirements: Some colleges have specific requirements in addition to these. Visit the student information section of the UK Purchasing eBuy portal for college contacts and links (www.uky.edu/Purchasing/ebuy/student.php). The site also provides students with information that allows them to purchase equipment and software at a discounted price.

Software: Visit download.uky.edu to learn about software available free of charge or at a reduced rate. In addition to downloadable software, students with high-speed Internet connectivity can access Virtual Den (Virtual Desktop and Virtual Application Environment), which provides access to general student lab software on any UK student’s personal device (desktop, laptop, tablet).

Four Pillars of Academic Excellence

The keys to your success.


Academic Success Belonging & Engagement

Academic success is at the center of everything we do at the University of Kentucky. Our student-centered approach focuses on your academic and personal success. We provide support and resources to not only enhance academic achievement, but also help address your need for support in other areas of your life.

Success is not simply measured by graduation, but is defined by how well you have grown in your intellectual, emotional, social and ethical development during your time at UK. We strive to have our students become career and world ready and foster the ethos of being life-long learners and critical thinkers.

Your education at UK is more than just exams and grades; it is belonging to a community that supports your growth, challenges your viewpoints and builds lasting relationships. Your educational opportunities at UK will allow you to address social problems through service learning, education abroad and undergraduate research.

With more than 600 student organizations, you can connect with other students and expand your interests across music and the arts; spirituality and religion; culture; service and philanthropy; sports and recreation; and much more. If you can’t find the organization you are looking for, grab a few friends and start your own! Live on campus or join a Living Learning Program to really make campus feel like your new Kentucky home. They say “home is where the heart is,” and at the University of Kentucky, we want to make sure you feel at home.

Student Health & Wellness Financial Stability

Your well-being is at the core of your growth and development not only as a college student, but also as an adult in the global marketplace.

With an emphasis on the dimensions of wellness - emotional, financial, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual - the University of Kentucky wants to prepare you with the tools and knowledge necessary for self- actualization. We provide services for your personal well-being and offer multiple opportunities for leadership and professional development through ambassador programs, student employment and internships. Whether you wish to try something new, change up your lifestyle for some healthier or safer habits or simply find ways to continue your healthy habits as a college student, we have everything you need to ensure your success!

Being away from home for the  first time can be challenging - especially learning to manage your own finances. Sometimes money management isn’t taught in high school but we know the need for financial literacy concepts to be delivered and ingrained in you is an essential life skill to ensure your future success.

The University of Kentucky’s Student Financial Wellness Center is geared toward engaging our students in financial literacy programs and provides a place for peer mentorship through the MoneyCATS team. The center is also a resource dedicated to the entire UK community supporting the evolving financial needs of students across campus.




Pre-College Tips

Work hard as a senior and be successful as a freshman! Take math and science courses your senior year to keep those skills sharp. Read challenging texts to prepare you for intense reading in college. Consider enrolling in your local community college to enhance your skills in reading, math or writing.

Did you know that UK continues to accept your best ACT or SAT score even after you’re been accepted? Studying and improving sub-scores can give you extra edge.

Consider retaking the ACT if your ACT composite score is 24 to 27. Even a one or two point improvement may help you qualify for a scholarship. If you have an ACT sub-score below 20 in reading, 19 in math or 18 in English (for SAT, 25 in Reading, 460 in Math or 25 in Writing and Language Test), you still have options. You can retake the ACT or SAT in an effort to raise your sub-scores. If you are unable to raise your sub-scores, you can also participate in the University of Kentucky Academic Prep Program. Learn more about APP at www.uky.edu/AE/academic-preparation-program



ACT actstudent.org

SAT  satcollegeboard.org

UK’s ACT code is: 1554

UK’s SAT code is: 1837

Sept. 9, 2017

Oct. 7, 2017

Oct. 28, 2017

Nov. 4, 2017

Dec. 9, 2017

Feb. 10, 2018

April 14, 2018

Dec. 2, 2017

March 10, 2018

June 9, 2018

May 5, 2018

July 14, 2018

June 2, 2018

Send Us Your Stuff

Please request that your high school counselor send a copy of your final transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admission after your graduation. The transcript must show your date of graduation and final cumulative grade point average.

Advanced Placement Program

The University of Kentucky recognizes examinations of the College Board Advanced Placement Program. A high school senior who wishes to have AP scores evaluated for academic credit or placement should have the results sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar. UK’s code is 1837. Academic departments have designated the current policy for students who score 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement examinations. UK does not recognize College Board SAT II Subject Tests for Placement or credit purposes.

International Baccalaureate Program

The University of Kentucky recognizes course credit earned through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Generally, course credit is awarded for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on either the Standard Level exam or the Higher Level exam. Any student desiring credit must request an IB transcript to be sent to the University. Course credit awarded through the IB program will apply toward degree requirements just as if the course had been taken on campus, except that there will not be a specific letter grade associated with the course. Instead, a designation of CR—credit—will be awarded and the grade-point average will not be affected. In some cases, additional curriculum information must be supplied by the student’s high school before credit will be awarded.

College Credit


The University of Kentucky currently has almost 500,000 established course equivalencies from many colleges and universities around the country. Please note that if your institution and/ or courses are not listed here, it does not mean that credit will not be awarded. Please contact the Equivalency Office at uktransfer@uky.edu for more information.

Academic Exploration Tool


Our Academic Exploration Tool helps you investigate your possibilities. If you haven’t decided on a major (or even if you have), be sure to check out UK’s many undergraduate majors by visiting the AET website. You’ll find all our major program offerings, as well as their requirements and much more. 

The website functionality allows students to discover degree programs at a personal level. Begin searching for degree paths by first selecting from categories within “I like to…,” “I want to be a…,” “I’m searching for….,” or “Browse all programs” options. After selecting your personal preferences, a list of degree programs offered that correlate with your selections will populate under different categories. From here, click on different degrees to learn about careers in the field, courses offered at UK and work environment. The site also shows featured careers, which include salary, number of jobs in the U.S. and a 10-year job outlook all streamed into the site by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Degree Planning with myUK GPS


The myUK GPS (Graduation Planning System) is a suite of tools to help students and their advisors navigate a pathway to success at UK, from recruitment to graduation. Using myUK GPS, students can see how they are progressing with requirements for their major, explore courses and register for classes.

Use myUK GPS to try out different options within your major or see how different UK CORE classes will count toward your degree.

James W. Stuckert Career Center

From career assessments to career and graduate school preparation, the James W. Stuckert Career Center is  here to help students explore, experience and excel. Visit the Stuckert Career Center website at www.uky.edu/careercenter for more information about its services.

The University of Kentucky’s career services features Handshake, a new fast and powerful recruiting platform for UK students and alumni. Handshake uses cutting- edge technology to help you more easily connectwith employers, source jobs and internships, event information and on-campus recruiting opportunities.

Visit the Handshake log in page - seeblue.com/handshake

  • Select linkblue login option
  • Use your linkblue ID and password in order to log in

Who can use Handshake? Currently enrolled University of Kentucky students and UK alumni are eligible. Only UK students and alumni may participate in on-campus recruiting.

Why should I use Handshake? Handshake users have the ability to explore job, co-op and internship opportunities. The platform adapts to meet your needs, pushing out customized information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests, experiences and major. You can apply for jobs, see relevant career articles and sign up for events and on-campus interviews. You can submit your list of experiences in the system as well.

How do I access Handshake as a currently registered student? All currently registered students have an account already created for them within Handshake.

Additional Student Resources

Disability Resource Center

uky.edu/DisabilityResourceCenter - 859-257-2754

The University of Kentucky Disability Resource Center partners with qualified students with disabilities to assist them in gaining equal access to institutional programs and services consistent with their unique needs. The center seeks to responsibly advocate the needs of students with disabilities to the campus community through consultation and outreach efforts with administration, faculty, students and University partners.

The DRC serves students with a wide array of disabilities and provides valuable information for students, parents, faculty and staff related to various responsibilities, services and programs of the office.

Students with disabilities, chronic health problems or dietary restrictions should contact the Disability Resource Center for information about services, academic accommodations and disability documentation guidelines.

University Health Service

ukhealthcare.uky.edu/uhs - 859-323-2778 (APPT)

University Health Service is your source for employee and student health care. Our physicians are board certified in family practice, internal medicine, psychiatry, emergency medicine, sports medicine and occupational medicine. Our nurse practitioners have certifications in family medicine, women's health and psychiatry. Best part? Most services are free with payment of your student fees.

LGBTQ* Resources

uky.edu/lgbtq - 859-323-3312

The Office of LGBTQ* Resources is the university hub for accessing information and services related to diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. LGBTQ* Resources is located in Blazer Dining and Chandler Hospital and serves all students, faculty and staff. The office contributes to campus education, advocacy and community building with the ultimate goal of making sure every Wildcat can be their authentic self and find a true sense of belonging. For more information, visit their website or call.

Counseling Center

uky.edu/counselingcenter - 859-257-8701

The University of Kentucky Counseling Center: Consultation and Psychological Services provides confidential psychological counseling to currently enrolled UK students and consultation services to currently enrolled UK students, faculty, staff and caregivers.

We know that university life can be demanding, and that academics, work, athletics, finances, family, health and social life can be stressors in students' lives. UKCC offers confidential, short-term therapy to support students' growth and to assist students with mental health, academic or personal concerns that may interfere with academic performance or a sense of personal well- being while at UK.

Student Organizations & Engagement

Get Involved!


Looking to explore student organizations and involvement opportunities on campus? The Office of Student Organizations and Activities wants you to explore the opportunities at UK through connecting with new people, experiences and interests to make a real- world impact. SOA connects students to their passions and strengths, as well as, providing leadership development that help students build and enhance the skills employers are looking for. Not only will you build lifelong friendships by getting involved, but these experiences also help you build a better future!


There are more than 600 registered student organizations on campus that fall into 12 categories including academic, club sports, cultural, fine arts, hobbies and interests, political, professional, recreational, religious, service and more; there is something for everyone! The easiest way to check them out is OrgSync – UK’s online student engagement platform where you can connect to student organizations, programs and departments. All registered orgs have a page on OrgSync, providing an easy way for you to contact them and see their events.

Join Today!

  1. Visit OrgSync.com.
  2. Select “University of Kentucky” as your community.
  3. Log in with your linkblue ID and password to create your profile and start exploring!

Involvement Advising

Are you looking to get engaged on campus? Do you want to get involved? Do you want more information on how to find the perfect student organization for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, involvement advising is a great fit for you! You can  email with, talk to virtually or via phone and/or meet in person (before you move on campus if you want!) with a fellow UK student who serves as an involvement advisor. They’ll learn more about your interests and help you get involved on campus.

Learn more at getinvolved.uky.edu

Apply for Parking

If you plan to bring a car to campus, you will want to sign up for a UK parking permit, which allows you to park in permit-designated lots on campus. You can apply online between June 15 and August 19. Parking permits are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, visit Transportation Services' website.

The Center of It All (Opening in 2018!)

Opening in Spring 2018, the University of Kentucky is proud to welcome you home to the brand new Student Center. The new Student Center is a $175 million, 360,000-square-foot building designed to be the heart of the university community. With a dedicated student organization space, Visitor Center, King Cultural Center, Blue Box Theater, Senate chambers, a social staircase, residential and retail dining, outdoor social spaces, a 650-seat cinema, two large multi-use ballrooms and a fitness complex, the UK Student Center will serve as the ‘living room’ of campus and a great place for students to gather, exchange ideas and share a meal together.

Get Excited for K Week!

Aug. 17-22, 2018. Each fall, UK rolls out the “big blue carpet” to welcome new and returning students to campus with K Week. K Week is five-days filled with events and activities that help students get oriented with campus, get involved in student life, and get connected to the city of Lexington. K Week is like a big family reunion and gives students a chance to meet everyone on campus from administrators to coaches to upperclassmen. Known as “the best way to get started at UK,” K Week is a great opportunity to make new friends, explore all that UK has to offer and have a little fun.

Campus Contacts

We're just a click or phone call away.

Academic Scholarships


Application  deadline:  December  1
*The application for Academic Scholarships is part of your application for admission to the university.

Academic Success

Chellgren Center for Undergraduate  Excellence

Disability Resource Center


UK Dining

Education Abroad

Financial Aid


Priority application deadline: December  1

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Campus Housing and Living Learning Program

Priority Deadline: Feb. 15
Regular Decision Deadline: May 1

James W. Stuckert Career Center

Lewis Honors College

Office for Institutional Diversity

Transportation Services


Student Account Services

Student Code of Conduct

Student Organizations and Activities
Twitter: @UKGetInvolved

Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Research

University Health Services
859-323-APPT (2778)

Veterans Resource Center

Visitor Center

Get more information about going to the University of Kentucky