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Key Inventory Toolkit 

To facilitate the transfer of keys to your department, this document will outline briefly what you will receive and the sequence in the process of building your key departmental inventory. This is the only procedure available to obtain your inventory at no cost to your department.

  1. You will receive a blank key spreadsheet document; on this document we ask that you list all of your department’s employees and return the spreadsheet within 2 days.
  2. After your completed document has been compared to the key shop electronic database, it will be returned to you with the keys assigned to your employees.
  3. At this time you may request particular keys for your inventory based on your unique departmental needs; the cabinet location will be set at this time as well.
    1. If we do not hear from you on particular inventory needs by close of business the next day, a default inventory will be created for your area.
    2. If we do not hear from you on particular cabinet placement within the specified time, a default location will be identified for your area.
  4. After these steps have taken place, it will be up to the department to receive keys from staff separating or to order additional keys as need require. From this point forward your departments authorized Key Liaison will be both the requestor for department keys and the authorizer for key request inside your departmental areas.
  5. All departments that do not meet the deadlines will be given an empty cabinet to hold their future inventory.

Please refer all questions to the contact email below.

Skip Van Hook
Administrative Services
Key Shop Services
University of Kentucky
Office 859.257.8443
Mobile 859.227.8516
Fax 859.323.1830

Spreadsheet Example

Below please find a screenshot of an example spreadsheet. If you are unable to see this image, please contact us for explanation.