Key Shop

The Key Shop
7:30-5:00 M-F (Closed from 12:00-12:45).
Room 15, Peterson Service Building
*Entrance off of Upper Street in alley between Parking Structure #5 and Peterson Service Building. 

For Day Keys and Sub Master Keys, the requester may designate a proxy in their department to collect the key(s) on their behalf at the Key Shop. This must be communicated prior to pick up via Email or in the Special Instructions text field on the request form at the time of submission.

Grand Master keys as always must be picked up by the key holder in person and the requisite Statement of Responsibility form completed at that time.

Please contact the Key Shop manager for any questions.


Replacement Keys

Beginning June 1st, 2013 worn or damaged keys will require a funding element for replacement.

As always with newly issued keys we strongly encourage campus patrons to confirm their functionality as soon as possible. Key replacement is accepted up to ten (10) business days following key issuance for mechanical problems with the lockset or calibration issues with the key.

Paperless Online Key Request Process

Just a brief reminder on how the form works:

  1. The requestor logs into the form using their AD or MC account credential.
  2. The system captures their information; they input the building, room and quantity of the key they're requesting.
  3. The form is then directed to the area approver- once approved the employee receives a notice when the key is ready to pick up.

Please feel free to contact the shop manager if you have any questions.

The new Paperless Online Key Shop Form is now available.


  • AD/MC domain authentication is the default security method for data on campus- ex. Link Blue; SAP; KRONOS; etc.
  • Electronic approval makes communication quicker and easier for Requestor; Authorizer and Key Shop.
  • New method does away with 'matching signatures'.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on the documentation process; makes the data searchable using Outlook.
  • Transactions time stamped.

Policy Addendum: Electronic Key Check Out Process

  1. The following policy covers the new online request form which allows university employees to acquire authorization for university keys from a work station, and for an administrator to approve their distribution in the same manner.
    1. The Electronic Key Request Form is intended for regular Full Time Employees of the University of Kentucky.
    2. Supervisory and management personnel who authorize keys through the form bear sole responsibility for the distribution.
      1. Supervisory and management personnel who authorize keys outside of their authority or control will be referred to their superior for corrective action; the Director of Facilities for review; and may have their authorizing privileges withdrawn.
      2. Examples of inappropriate authorization:
        1. Attempting to approve keys for areas that do not belong to the authorizers department.
        2. Attempting to approve keys outside of your department’s designated Key Liaison or Key Control administrator.
    3. An additional layer of authorization is required for building master key and above; the area Facilities Authorizer must be selected from the drop down menu before the form can process for this level of key.
    4. Employees may request needed keys from a single form or generate a second form to expedite the process when building master keys and above are required.
    5. The Key Shop reserves the right to delay or deny a request if there are any irregularities or safety concerns relating to the order.

Who Can Authorize My Department's Keys?

There are two ways to determine who can authorize your department's keys?

  1. Ask your immediate Supervisor or Business Officer.
  2. Contact the Key Shop for the person on file for your department.

The preferred method is to ask you Supervisor or Business officer who has that authority in your area.

The Key Shop Authorizer List is updated only at the discretion of the department; the Key Shop is not responsible for our of date information on file which may delay your request.

Regardless all university employees are expected to exercise good judgment in the request and authorization of keys, since liability for their misuse or misappropriation resides solely with the requestor and authorizer.

If you are interested in learning more about the new process, you can download a PowerPoint presentation of the Key Shop Electronic Request Process.