Books and Book Chapters

Books and book chapters may be used as course materials. The  Libraries' copy (or a personal copy) of a book may be put on physical reserve (no permission needed) in the library. If the library does not own the book and the book excerpt will be used extensively in future semesters, the library will be happy to order a copy of the book if possible.

If you wish to use portions from a book  (10% or more of the total pages in the book) in an online course, copyright permission will need to be obtained.

Use of E-Books - The proliferation of e-books in libraries has saved space, but faculty must keep in mind that most e-book subscriptions function similarly to paper books; as a physical copy in electronic format.  The library usually  buys one copy of the e-book, to be used by one person at a time.  

If you have purchased an e-book for your reading device (such as a Kindle or iPad), you cannot make this book available to your students.