State and Student Support

State Appropriations

In FY08, UK’s state appropriations were originally budgeted to exceed $335 million. With $267 million expected for FY18, state appropriations will have been reduced by more than $68 million since FY08. In nominal terms, state appropriations will be close to the same amount received in Fiscal Year 1998-99.  

Student Support

Tuition and mandatory fee rates for FY18 reflect a four percent increase for most resident students and a 6.5 percent increase for most non-resident students. However, we continue to substantially increase our investment in student financial aid. As a result, the average out-of-pocket for tuition and mandatory fees paid by undergraduate resident students has only increased by $392 (25.3 percent) per semester from Fall 2008 to Fall 2016.  The tuition and mandatory fee rates reflect our efforts to balance student affordability concerns with generating sufficient funds to support quality education and student services.