Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Higher education tuition parameters
for FY 2021-22, FY 2022-23

Pursuant to KRS 164.020(8), the Council on Postsecondary Education has the statutory authority to determine tuition for Kentucky’s public colleges and universities. The Council considers any required fees charged to most students as subject to the statute. 
Over the past six months, Council staff and campus officials identified several key issues that were relevant to the setting of tuition and mandatory fee parameters, including:
1. the level of institutional operating funds provided in the recently enacted state budget (HB 192)
2. anticipated increases in fixed and unavoidable costs for the upcoming year
3. rising pension retirement benefit costs
4. COVID-19 related costs and forgone revenue, and the extent to which federal relief funds are available to help offset those costs
5. declining enrollment at nearly every university and college and the impact of that trend on the ability of the postsecondary system to achieve the state’s 60 percent college attainment goal by the year 2030 and,
6. the magnitude of prior-year tuition and fee increases. 
On May 13, 2021, the Council adopted resident undergraduate tuition and mandatory fee ceilings for academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23. The ceilings provide for a maximum base rate increase of no more than 3.0 percent over the two years and a maximum increase of no more than 2.0 percent in any one year.
The Council also adopted a recommendation that the public institutions be allowed to submit for Council review and approval market competitive tuition and fee rates for graduate and online courses, as well as tuition and fee rates for nonresident students that comply with Council policy. The Council’s current policy states that every institution shall manage its tuition and fee rate structures, price discounting, and scholarship aid for out-of-state students so that in any given year, the average net tuition and fee revenue generated per nonresident undergraduate student equals or exceeds 130 percent of the annual full-time tuition and fees assessed to resident undergraduate students.
Reflective of senior leadership’s desires to address student affordability concerns while recognizing the university’s fiscal challenges, the recommended tuition and mandatory fee rate increases of one percent comply with the Council’s tuition and mandatory fees ceilings and policy.


Tuition and Mandatory Fee Rates

Senior leadership recommended a modest 1 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees for AY 2021-22.
The increase in tuition and mandatory fees represents the second consecutive year of the lowest tuition and mandatory fee increase in at least 30 years. Over the last 10 years, the four-year average annual increase for resident undergraduate students dropped from 6.5% to 1.7%.