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Powell and Thyne Coup Dataset (updated continuously).  See below for all other data and replication files.
event-level data, excel version
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Publications (book):

Thyne, Clayton L. 2019. Political Analysis for the Rest of Us: An Accessible Take on the Science of Political Science, 2nd ed. Cincinnati, OH: Van-Griner.

      Link to book


Thyne, Clayton L. 2009. How International Relations Affect Civil Conflict: Cheap Signals, Costly Consequences. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books.
Replication Data   Link to book   Reviews


Publications (peer-reviewed articles):

Thyne, Clayton L., and Kendall Hitch. 2020. “Democratic versus Authoritarian Coups: The Influence of External Actors on States’ Post-coup Political Trajectories.” Journal of Conflict Resolution, forthcoming.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix


Thyne, Clayton L., Jonathan M. Powell, Sarah Hayden, and Emily VanMeter. 2018. “Even Generals Need Friends: How Domestic and International Reactions to Coups Influence Regime Survival.” Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(7):1406-1432.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix


Johnson, Jaclyn, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2018. “Squeaky Wheels and Troop Loyalty: How Domestic Protests Influence Coups d’état, 1952-2005.” Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(3):597-625.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix


Thyne, Clayton L. 2017. “The Impact of Coups d'état on Civil War Duration.” Conflict Management and Peace Science, 34(3):287-307.

      Manuscript  Replication Data


Thyne, Clayton L., and Jonathan M. Powell. 2016. “Coup ‘etat or Coup d’Autocracy? How Coups Impact Democratization, 1950-2008.” Foreign Policy Analysis 12(2):192-213.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix  Feature in the Monkey Cage (Washington Post)


Shannon, Megan, Clayton L. Thyne, Amanda Dugan, and Sarah Hayden. 2015. “The International Community’s Reaction to Coups.” Foreign Policy Analysis 11(4):363-76.

      Manuscript  Replication Data


Phayal, Anup, Prabin Khadka, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2015. “What Makes and Ex-Combatant Happy? A Micro Analysis of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration in South Sudan.” International Studies Quarterly 59(4):654-68.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Feature in Political Violence @ a Glance (Boston Globe)


Lasley, Trace, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2015. “Secession, Legitimacy and the Use of Child Soldiers.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 32(3):289-308.

      Manuscript  Replication Data


Sanborn, Howard B. IV, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2014. “Learning Democracy: Education and the Fall of Authoritarian Regimes.” British Journal of Political Science 44(4):773-797.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Feature in the Monkey Cage (Washington Post)


Thyne, Clayton L., and Ryan D. Schroeder. 2012. “Social Constraints and Civil War: Bridging the Gap with Criminological Theory.” Journal of Politics 74(4):1066-1078.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix 


Morey, Daniel S., Clayton L. Thyne, Sarah L. Hayden, and Michael B. Senters. 2012. “Leader, Follower, or Spectator?: The Role of President Obama in the Arab Spring Uprisings.” Social Science Quarterly 9(5):1185-1201.



Thyne, Clayton L. 2012. “Information, Commitment, and Intra-War Bargaining: The Effect of Governmental Constraints on Civil War Duration” International Studies Quarterly 56(2):307-321.

      Manuscript  Replication Data  Appendix  Appendix Replication Data


Crescenzi, Mark J.C., Kelly M. Kadera, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, and Clayton L. Thyne 2011. “A Supply Side Theory of Third Party Conflict Management.” International Studies Quarterly 55(4):1069-1094.
Manuscript  Replication Data


Powell, Jonathan M., and Clayton L. Thyne. 2011. “Global Instances of Coups from 1950 to 2010: A New Dataset.” Journal of Peace Research 48(2):249-259.
Manuscript  Codebook, Replication Data, and Appendices

Mitchell, Sara McLaughlin, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2010. "Contentious Issues as Opportunities for Diversionary Behavior." Conflict Management and Peace Science 27(5):461-485.
Manuscript  Replication Data

Thyne, Clayton L. 2010. “Supporter of Stability or Agent of Agitation? The Effect of United States Foreign Policy on Coups in Latin America, 1960--1999.” Journal of Peace Research 47(4):449-461.
Manuscript  Replication Data   Appendix

Thyne, Clayton L. and Erika Moreno. 2008. “Squeaky Wheels and Unequal Policy: Executive Authority and Education Reform in Latin America.”  Comparative Political Studies 41(7):921-946. 
Manuscript  Replication Data

Hensel, Paul R., Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Thomas E. Sowers II, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2008. "Bones of Contention: Comparing Territorial, Maritime, and River Issues.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 52(1):117-143. 
Manuscript  Web Appendix and Replication Data

Lai, Brian and Clayton L. Thyne. 2007. “The Effect of Civil War on Education, 1980-97.” Journal of Peace Research 44(3):277-292. 
Manuscript  Replication Data

Thyne, Clayton L. 2006. “ABC’s, 123’s and the Golden Rule: The Pacifying Effect of Education on Civil Conflict, 1980—1999.” International Studies Quarterly 50:733-754. 
Manuscript  Appendix  Replication Data

Thyne, Clayton L. 2006. “Cheap Signals with Costly Consequences: The Effect of Interstate Relations on Civil War, 1945—1999.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 50(6): 937-961.
Manuscript  Replication Data

Publications (not peer-reviewed):

Salehyan, Idean, and Clayton L. Thyne. 2012. “Civil Wars.” In Guide to the Scientific Study of International Processes. Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Paul F. Diehl, and James D. Morrow, eds. West Sussex, UK: Wiley Blackwell.  Chapter link

Thyne, Clayton L. 2007. “Civil War in Sudan, 1983-2005.” In Civil Wars of the World: Major Conflicts since World War II, eds. Uk Heo and Karl De Rouen, Jr., ABC-CLIO. 
Manuscript  Book link

Thyne, Clayton L. 2006. “Federalist Party” and “Socialist Party.” In Sabato, Larry J. and Howard R. Ernst, eds. Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections. New York, NY: Facts on File. 
Book link

Other stuff:


Datasets often give us country names without the corresponding country code (ccode).  This makes it a total pain to merge with other datasets.  I’ve written a do file that will automatically fill in the ccode.  To add the country codes, first rename the country variable to “country” (probably unnecessary – it’s likely already named “country”).  Next, add the following to your Stata command line:




The command should generate a new variable called “ccode” with the correct ccodes.  I update the do file every time I see a country spelled a different way.  Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions (


In case you’re using R or something like that, it’s probably easiest to just merge in the ccodes.  For that, use the excel version here (though I haven’t updated it yet with the changes needed for Gleditsch/Ward or Polity).

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